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New Labour ferrets in a sack: Tom Harris MP & Cllr Terry Kelly

Well its been a while since I laid into Terry Kelly, a dim witted Scottish Cllr from the land of tundra and Rab Nesbitt.

Well the fat Cllr who fails to follow his own parties guidelines on "five a day", has got a wee bit of a problem with Tom Harris MP. 

Now before I get started on this, I have to admit to a real dislike of Tom Harris on just so many levels. Firstly is his refusal to post comments he disagrees with, his contempt of those who disagree with him, his total confusion over the concept of liberty and so on.

Back in 2008 I made him my cunt of the year for 2008. A post that will clarify some of the many reasons I dislike him and feel he is totally unsuited to the important position of MP.

But back to the Labour infighting, Terry compares Tom to Tory Peter Lilley, over this post entitled "the return of morality"

Tom Harris sets up the angle of his post with this:
I’m a Labour MP, so some will undoubtedly be surprised, and shocked that I’m writing this. But I can no longer pretend that the army of teenage mothers living off the state is anything other than a national catastrophe.
Well in that Mr Harris is spot on. He also makes the point that it is not about birth control and education, both of which we have in abundance.

Tom even says about having "a coffee with the estimable Frank Field to discuss ideas for reform." - Sadly Frank offered his advise on reform more than a few years back under PM Blair and was removed for his trouble.

Well listening to the tubby Scot Terry, one would assume that Tom Harris had suggested spaying feckless young woman and castrating the fathers with a couple of half bricks without the benefit of so much as an aspirin. Oh and a quick trip to a gas chamber to please the Daily Mail.

It’s the Tory conference circa 1992 and the Social Security Secretary Peter Lilley one of the new breed of right wing reactionary Thatcherites is working the crowd like it’s a Nuremberg rally; he performs a pastiche of Gilbert & Sullivan’s song from the Mikado “I’ve got a little list of those who would not be missed” his version has the following line “young ladies who get pregnant just to jump the housing queue” This was the Tories at their populist worst. Remember Edwina Curry brandishing handcuffs from the platform and screeching like one of the women at the foot of the guillotine; knitting and cheering to the sound of the Tumbrels, it was that kind of atmosphere. Single mothers were always one of the Tories favourite easy targets and it appears that today they still present a soft option for aspiring politicians with ambition, ambition’s the thing of course that did for Julius Caesar so; step forward Tom Harris Labour MP for Glasgow South, an apparent admirer of the opinions on single mothers held by the right wing Tory Peter Lilley, yes you read that right I said a Labour MP Mr. Harris is a Labour MP.
I could correct Terry on what actually did for Caesar, not so much ambition but breaking traditions anyway that is for another post. 

Now I shall abridge Terry's post, as it does ramble somewhat and I will take up the point of this:
...I am a member because I’m a Socialist and that means that my political stance is to help those less well off in society such as single teenage parents not to condemn them and moralise about them in an arrogant outburst of superiority. His remarks could have easily come from a Tory backwoodsman instead of from a Labour MP; he doesn’t make a single remark about how teenagers find themselves in such predicaments, no attempt to help; just condemnation, no comment about sex education or the treatment of women by our society either...
Therein is the problem, Terry offers no solution -final or otherwise other than throwing money to those who are rewarded for producing babies- the numbers keep on rising, the state keeps on paying ever more money for ever more babies. Terry carries on with this:
 The idea that young girls should be punished by the removal of benefits because they have had a child is outrageous; it’s the world of the poorhouse; a Dickensian obscenity and the idea that a Labour MP is suggesting such a thing beggars belief.
Which Tom doesn't actually suggest, instead he points out that the system we have rewards through benefits irresponsible behaviour. He points out that attitudes in government need to change and those who are feckless be brought to task.  The simple point is that the state can not go on rewarding single parents who don't work and passing on that attitude to the next generation. 

That politicians need to listen to the majority who don't get pregnant when they can not afford children and do their best to avoid getting money off of the state. 

Still so nice to see Labour infighting, in this one I am (loosely) with Tom Harris. 

Even if my views on Tom have not changed at all, he is still a cunt just not as big a one as overweight Jock Terry Kelly.

5 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

The fat cunt Kelly is not a socialist but a person who claims to be in order to assume a fictitious place in society, along with his fucking awful offspring. They are utter non-entities who would be nothings in any way or form without being breast beating Labour fucking cretins. They will pick up on any and all crusades, especially those seen as involving minorities. The worst thing is how he seems to think the Labour party is socialist; since 1994 and Bliar and Brown they are not and are more Tory than even Maggie dared to be. Forget showing examples, he doesn't care, and neither does any other Labour cock sucking supporters; they are right simply because they CLAIM to socialists and Labour.

Now Harris is a point in fact who will do anything to be seen as Labour, because he is a jock, and also will try and be seen as reasonable and progressive, because he wants to cling on to his lucrative job. That's why he clings to and is friends with Ian cock sucker Dale, amongst others. He will suck up to them and be pals and seen as one of the better Labour MP's to support; he isn't. He is a bit like Alex the little cunt Hilton, who will be pals with Shit Staines and laugh off the arguments and differences of opinion, but only in so far as they can be used; naive cunts like Staines and Dale would have no contact with them at all if Labour were not on the wane and were in the ascension.

This blogging lark has seen many strange and wonderful things, but the people doing it are by and large true fucking cunts, and that includes the likes of Staines and Dale. I'll stick here and at Grumpy twats place and the like; at least you don't see yourself as a little clique despite the disagreements.

Kelly and Harris deserve each other.

Fidothedog said...

Yeah very true, one point I noticed is that Tom will talk tough for a while then back down.

The Labour lot know that without the benefits gravy train voters they are fucked, well even more fucked.

Dale I have a few issues with to be fair, on a back burner at the mo but can see me firing off a few shots across.

Terry is a fuckwits fuckwit, deserving of only mockery. He can dish it out but fuck he gets annoyed if anyone gives it to him. Maybe I should have stayed in Terrywatch....

Dazed and Confused said...

I don't take sides at all in this one. They're both odious cretins that need to be removed from the public glare A.S.A.P. in order to stop this Nation from becoming a Third World Country.
Kelly is an idiot who believes in his left wing Socialist manuscript, but has no solutions of how to implement them into the real World.
I would doubt that Harris believes in anything substantial at all, and therefore has aligned himself with the New labour "project" as the cash cow to serve his own loathsome ambitions.
Scum - the pair of them!

Houdini said...

Reading your post and then thinking over what I wrote, it makes you look and wonder on how the blogosphere is developing and evolving politically, and the individuals involved.

What I said about Dale, Hilton, Staines, Harris and others above is quite interesting...I might even have to look to making it my first post on a blog of my own. There does seem to be a little clique forming across the political divide, and I do think the likes of Staines and Dale are very naive if they think Harris and Hilton, and especially people like that odious fucker Draper, would have anything to do with them at all unless they needed them. The Labour bloggers are by and large wankers of the first order clinging to a discredited and totally corrupt ideology that they don't really believe in at all, and that includes MP's like Harris; he is like Bliar who would have been a Tory but wasn't good enough. They are using people like Dale and Staines and would treat them with utter contempt if Labour were doing well.

From Chicken Yoghurt, who is Labour from his little red cock sucking lips to his toes however much he protests, to Alex odious little cunt Hilton, they are all deluded and only brought together because they hate the Tories and don't really believe the shit they spout about Labour, but they are evolving with the blogs. If Staines, who like to be tough but isn't, and Dale, who sucks cock, say no more, were not so naive they would be attacking these people relentlessly and not trying to get some kind fluffy consensus. As it is, they are feeding into Labours hands.

What happened to the constant fisking of cunts like Prescott and Hilton? It seems to have stopped and they are allowing them to develop and make the agenda.

Dale and Staines are now on the wane in my opinion and will sink lower and lower, while Labour bloggers are allowed to rise despite this shit Government.

Silly people.

Allan said...

Some background.

Kelly used to be part of the ruling party in Renfrewshire council, before New Labour were swept out of power by the SNP. Unfortunatly New Labour look as if they will get back in at the next election because the SNP have had to cut the couinci cloth. New Labour, and in particular Kelly are very bitter about being turfed out of office.

Oh and Kelly used to be Wendy Alexander's election agent.

Dazed & Confused: Too late, but do you seriously think Comedy Dave and Boy George will make a difference?