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Badger haired sockpuppet Chancellor has closed 2000pubs.

From the Morning Advertiser - A record 2,000 pubs have closed with the loss of 20,000 jobs lost since the 2008 Budget.
Chancellor Alistair Darling hit the pub trade with a combined 18% duty increase over last year and has promised a further 2% above inflation rise in April's Budget.

The two rises in tax last year cost the industry an additional £520m.
This is the true cost of New Labour, pubs closed, communities deprived of their pubs - often used for meetings and other events all of which disappears, jobs in the area vanish, community ties damaged.  
The new shocking figure from the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) come on the day that five Government ministers are set to meet MPs to discuss the pub crisis.

The BBPA believes that 75,000 further jobs are at risk if the duty escalator is not dropped. A recent survey also showed that 70% of the population were against further increases.

“These new figures reveal the true scale of the struggle facing the beer and pub industry," said BBPA chief executive Rob hayward.
Yet they are happy to pour public money into fake charites campagning against the demon drink, as for the taxes as covered before they are not going to lower them. The EU will not let them have different rates on alcohol.
From the Morning Advertiser.Treasury Minister Angela Eagle says it’s “impossible” to have different levels of tax on alcohol in pubs compared to supermarkets.

She also said there were “no plans” to reverse the alcohol duty escalator announced in last year’s Budget. Eagle’s comments are contained in a January letter, seen by the MA, to Tory MP Michael Fabricant.
Oh yes I was going to mention the fake charities, that is state run quango's which collect their moneys from HM Govt and yet claim to be charities. These are listed here at fake charities, funded by the state - that is us via our taxes.
Back to the Morning Advertiser post: 
“There was understandable political concern about the recent 850 job losses at Mini. The pub sector is losing nearly twice as many jobs every month. Furthermore, when a pub closes a family loses not only its livelihood, but its home.

“The beer and pub industry is not looking for a handout, just hands off any further tax or regulation increases. We are urging the Government to abandon the 2% over inflation drinks’ tax escalator.
Not going to happen, you see Gordon the puritan, Gordon the joyless hates to see people of good cheer and he loves to tax. He also fails to see that by raising taxes he will kill the pubs off and in time reduce his taxes even further.
“We are also asking them to abandon the mandatory code in the Police and Crime Bill, which Government say will cost the industry an extra £300m this year alone and lead to further job losses and pub closures.”

Campaign for Real Ale chief executive Mike Benner added: "The entire economic picture has changed beyond recognition in the last 12 months and with the return of Keynesian economics, I hope the Chancellor might draw some inspiration from one the great economist’s most famous lines — 'When the facts change, I change my mind'. Scrapping the increases in beer tax would be a truly popular piece of Keynesianism.”
Sadly for Mike our Chancellor is little more than a badger haired place man, the duties, the tax rises, the stupidity all issue from No.10. Other than a few soundbites our Chancellor does little more than play solitaire on the office PC of a day.

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