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New Labour piglet popping pig MP Jessica Morden (Labour) Newport

From the local rag...GWENT MPs’ expenses rose around 19 per cent in 2007/2008, with claims totalling almost £890,000.

Figures of MPs allowances and travel expenses were released by the UK parliament yesterday and show Newport East MP Jessica Morden claimed the most with a total of £167,060.

Ms Morden’s claims rose by around 25 per cent from £133,592 in 2006/2007, which she said was due to unused funds from that period being carried over into 2007/2008.

She said: “In this particular year, the fees office allowed me to transfer money I didn’t spend in the previous so I could use it on extra office provision, following the birth of my child.

“The money was spent on staffing and extra office provision. I take great pride in both, as they are there to serve the people of Newport East, and I want my constituents to benefit from the best service I can give them.”

MPs can ask for funds to be carried forward or draw an advance from the next year’s budget, but it is only allowed for specific purposes and must be approved by the Department of Resources.

Jessica Morden was tops with spending of her office of £27,000 because of staffing difficulties arising out of her pregnancy.

**Now consider this champagne swilling socialist Jessica for damn near 6 months was in effect out of work due to baby producing. Yet despite her half of Newport being devoid of an MP the amount this piggy hogs from our taxes go's up.

Champagne socialism from Jessica "Call me Jess" Morden in action.

Oink, Oink Oink. I offer full right of reply and be warned unlike when she oversaw the stiching up of Ron "Badger" Davies I will fight back.

Come on Jess lets hear the excuses....

2 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

Hmmmmm....Information on Morden to keep and distribute to the good Berger's of Newport this time next Year me thinks.

Most of these vile New Labour fuckers are simply feathering their own despicable nests for their forthcoming unemployment.

Jacqui Smith in the constituency of Redditch has no chance of surviving with her minuscule majority of 2716 votes, unless of course she absconds to a safer area, but will there be any of those around one wonders.

It seems by this post, that Morden is every bit as loathsome as the vile old comrade himself, so surely by now, the townsfolk of Newport wont once again choose to return this pair of self serving twats. - Will they?

KG said...

Bugger the excuses--hang a few of the bastards and the rest will fall into line soon enough.