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Well said Lord Justice Ward.

Daily Mail - A judge has ruled that failed asylum seekers should be refused free NHS treatment, declaring they
‘ought not to be here’.
Delivering a judgment that will save the taxpayer millions of pounds, Lord Justice Ward added: ‘They should never have come here in the first place.’ The test case was brought by a 35-year-old Palestinian, known as YA, who has links to the extremist Hamas party. Victory would have opened the door for thousands of failed claimants with conditions such as HIV or cancer to claim treatment and even benefits, paid for out of public funds.

Well fuck me common sense, my flabber is well an truely gasted. Now all we need is a few more Lord Justices saying that HM Govt needs to lock up scumbags for the full term. On and that Gordon Brown is an inept slimey coward and a fucking usless cunt to boot an we might start getting somewhere.

However its not all good news as the bleeding heart liberals who hug these savages started bleating:

Donna Covey, chief executive of the Refugee Council, said: ‘Almost all asylum seekers arrive in the UK with nothing, and a great many of those who are refused but who can’t go home straight away end up homeless and destitute. ‘To refuse treatment to those people simply because they cannot pay for it is appalling and inhumane.’

Donna if you care so much, you pay. HM Govt picks my damn pocket to feed clothe and mother the Worlds feckless, indolent and bone idle as it is. If you we remove the bird feeder the parasites will find themselves another host.

What she totally fails to grasp is that the illegal barbarians who come in from assorted third world toilet nations could claim asylum in France. However the French actually deal with their cases fast and deport them, so they come to soft touch Britain for a life of Labour voting and benefits.


3 people have spoken:

KG said...

Buy that judge a beer! Mind you, the poor bastard is obviously too sane to progress any further in his career--Gorgon will see to that.

Fidothedog said...

So true. But yeah I would happily hoist a glass with him.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

YA will, no doubt, be off to the House Of Lords and then the human rights thingey, with any luck he'll be dead by then.
If he likes Hamas so much, why don't they use some of the charity and aid money they stole so he can go private ?