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Nigel Griffiths accused of cheating on his wife in House of Commons.

A senior Labour MP cheated on his wife with a mystery woman inside the House of Commons, it was claimed today. Bloody hell when they are not shafting us over civil liberties, they are doing it to folk in The Commons....

Nigel Griffiths, a close friend of the Prime Minister, cavorted with the brunette in his oak-panelled office late in the evening on Remembrance Day, according to the News of the World.

Pictures show his 'secret lover' dressed in stockings and suspenders next to a door with a tell-tale key tag marked 'POW' - Palace of Westminster.

The paper claimed Mr Griffiths, 53, who has been married to his wife Sally for 30 years, smuggled the woman into his study where they frolicked on the sofa.

It was 11.35pm on November 11, just hours after the nation stood in silence on the Armistice anniversary to mark the end of the First World War.

Cue the bloody obvious joke about how he was standing to attention for the Armistice anniversary.

Still what do we expect from a cunt who can vote for 42 days. For the year 06/07 he cleared a cool £154,182 in expenses padding out his back pocket. Oh the bastard also voted for ID cards as well.

Then there was that story from the book of New Labour sleaze and the £40K in office expenses.

2 people have spoken:

Henry North London said...

One for the piano wire?

Fidothedog said...

We can but hope, although he will claim he was following orders on ministerial affairs from Prescott...