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St Jade Goody of Chavscum.

WTF? Now that St Jade of chav is dead the eulogys come forth, including one from a certain snot gobbling trouser pisser called James "Cyclops" Gordon Brown laid  into her over the rascism story in 2007.

Of course now that Jade is dead, he like the utter contemptable slime bucket sees to have some of the publicity rub off onto him the way his snot was rubbed into the back of his tie.

Gordon Brown media whore and utter cunt.

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8 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I thought Gordon Brown didn't do "celebrity".

Old Bag said...

well jades' pimp, mr. clifford needs a new whore..it may as well be brown.

Dazed and Confused said...

I remember this saga well, and it wasn't just the obese no mark whom waded in to attack Goody and her mother on the grounds of abhorrent racism. It was the whole damned kit and caboodle of New Labour scum.
Goody wasn't bright enough to be racist, as she was just pig ignorant along with her mother, but that didn't stop New Labour filth taking aim in turns to attack them with relish.
And oh lookie now - Fat boy pays tribute to Jade Goodys courage.....The cunts so utterly transparent you'd trip over the fucker in the dark.....Shameful!

Anonymous said...

Dazed and Confused @ Sunday, March 22, 2009 7:50:00 PM

That whole wacism saga was funny considering she was mixed race.

Agreed about the hyprocrisy of the big fat one and the media in general on how they slated and crucified her then elevated her to sainthood. IIRC, the same thing happend to Princess Di.

Anonymous said...

I'm opening an envelope tomorrow Mr Brown. Care to come along and comment/grab some limelight?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Max will no doubt have some gym-slip Mum about to drop another sprog to keep him in the limelight ( and £££s ).

What new twist to this story to get the readers salivating ? Fathership battle rages between Council Care lad and Public Schoolboy ? " I done her sister but she's frigid ".

Fidothedog said...

Gordon who laid into her back in 2007, who said his every waking moment was on the economic woes that started in America.

Who said he was focusing on serious issues after meeting a former spice girl!

Then did some pr eulogy to Jade, the duplicitous little snot gobbling fucker that he is.

Anonymous said...

"That whole wacism saga was funny considering she was mixed race."

I wasn't aware that Stupid was a race. Citation pls?