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Nurses to be banned from joining BNP?

So after 12 years of New Labour the concept of free speech and the right to believe what ever one likes is being removed. Labour will be so happy to see their sleazy ideals being adopted.

What they need to realise is this, if someone wants to join the BNP they may well not do so for the rather obvious fear of losing their job should the employer find out and in many cases will keep quiet about which way they intend to vote. Again for the same reason.

However all they acomplish is to drive it underground, stifle debate on issues like our open door policy on illegal migration and turn those thrown out of work into martyrs for the BNP. 

Nurses and health staff from the union Unison are to debate whether registered nurses should be banned from joining the far-right British National Party (BNP) at a conference next month.

Police are already banned from joining the BNP because of fears that its extreme political views will affect officers’ conduct.

However the publication of a list last year of BNP members showed that several practising and former nurses were members of the party.

The motion, ‘BNP policy is incompatible with nursing’, to be debated at next month’s Health Group Annual Conference in Harrogate in April.

In doing this I don't think they will stop a single person from entering the polling booth and putting an X next to the BNP, if anything they will act as recruiting agents for the BNP. More on this story here. 

The irony is that there was another "socialist" government not so long ago that banned viewpoints it disagreed with and oppressed those it opposed. The clue is in the picture. Although sadly I think the concept of free speech and free expression is lost on the Unison.

4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

they would be far better off debating if some filthy unwashed koranimal should be working in the NHS rather than a patriot. Surely, it cannot be long now before "they"
(and that includes Cameron) go for an all out ban on the BNP?
First they came for the BNP......

Fidothedog said...

Then the other parties, then showing disloyalty to the party,,,

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I'm still waiting for that X-Policeman to launch an appeal for unfair dismissal.

Fidothedog said...

I hope he wins, who the fuck are they to dictate who you vote for effects your job. New Labour are cunts.