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Only in Gordon's Britain: Yet more socialist fuckwittery.

Oh for fucks sake...After losing the personal and banking details of 25 million people it is perhaps understandable that those at HM Revenue and Customs are a little nervous when it comes to distributing CDs.

Yet despite the highly-damaging fall-out that followed the scandal two years ago they've done it again.

Instead of sending businesses a CD with the promised payroll software on it, bungling contractors working for the Government department accidentally posted bedtime stories - read aloud in German.

New Labour education failure...A boy has been placed at a primary school an hour's drive from his home - even though 36 other schools are closer.

Robbie Cowley missed out on his chosen school and then found that all the others near his home were oversubscribed too.

From September, the four-year-old will have to make an eight-mile journey across Oxford every weekday morning.

His mother, Tracey Richen, said she was devastated at losing out on Larkrise school because both she and Robbie's elder sister had been pupils there. She had even paid £1,500 for her son to attend a foundation class at the primary.

Health service safe in Labours hands, not likely...Unacceptable standards of patient care could have led to hundreds of deaths at a single hospital in a three-year period. 

A damning report to be released tomorrow by the Healthcare Commission will outline a catalogue of failings at a hospital trust blinded by a drive to save money and abide by Government waiting-time targets.

An advance copy of the report seen by the Daily Mail estimated 'at least' 400 deaths between 2005 and 2008 could not be accounted for by 'other factors or by chance variation'.

Sources close to the investigation into the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust said the true figure could be as high as 1,300 patients.

Ever more barbarians come in whilst most people want the numbers of jobless migrants reduced...The Government has failed to 'get control' of the issue of immigration, ministers admitted today.

Phill Woolas, the Immigration Minister, said he was not surprised by findings of a poll which showed that nearly eight out of ten people believe all unemployed foreign migrants should be asked to leave the UK.

Mr Woolas said the the British people would never be comfortable with immigration until they believe ministers have a firm grip on the nation's borders.

Mr Woolas said: 'The poll figures are not a surprise. They are a concern, and in significant part they are because the public don’t believe that the government has got control.'

He added: 'The central goal of my immigration policy is to provide the assurance to the public that we know who’s here and who’s not here.'

Phil is blowing smoke out of his ass.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

So can I send my online tax return in the form of a reading of Pinochio, in Japanese ?

School allocation. It can't be difficult to develop software to allocate any child the very nearest school or at worst, the next one ? The mother was at fault for not ticking second and third choice so the beurocrats have seized an opportunity to fill a place in the sink school that anyone with sense avoids ( We have a high school with the same reputation, all the locals avoid it like the plague so most of its' pupils are from other arears of the city whose parents didn't give a toss ).

Healthcare: Our NHS Trust does not kill us off to shorten the waiting lists, instead it sends us off to private hospitals which costs the taxpaper something less than the notional charge from the NHS ( strange but true ).

"More than three-quarters of Britons want to see jobless immigrants forced to leave UK," we want hanging too but that ain't gonna happen either.

Phill ' I can have you killed' Woolas" provide the assurance to the public that we know who’s here and who’s not here.' We know who's here you cunt, we want them THERE, anywhere but HERE.