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Yousaf Bashir a cowardly son of a pig whose mother sold itself on the streets to infidels.

So the police have made a decision to provide a 24 hour guard on a Muslim loon who demonstrated against British soldiers.
Yousaf Bashir - the bearded heathen savage left - waved placards calling the soldiers — from 2nd Battalion, the Royal Anglian Regiment — “the butchers of Basra”, “murderers and terrorists” and “baby killers” in Luton, Beds.

Then after that on Friday night, two windows and glass in the door of the home in the town he shares with his parents were smashed, along with the rear windows of cars parked in the drive.
Simple cause and effect, he lives over here in Dar-al Harb(The World at war with Islam) and as a good moslem he chooses to wage holy war, the struggle against the infidel. If he is not happy with the way the war is going and feels that he is losing maybe he should reconsider his position here in the UK.

Maybe Mr Bashir should leave the lands of the unclean sons of apes and pigs, the kuffir, take himself and the pure moslems back to Dar Al Islam(The World under Allah) where I feel he will be much happier. Free from non moslems and where women know their proper place as mere chattels of men.

But the police should not be protecting him as he brought these actions upon himself by putting himself outside of our society. He has cast the first stone, something all good moslems do to women who think for themselves.

Bashir has shown himself to be a coward, a craven undeserving of the jihad as he has to hide behind the laws and society of the people he classes as unclean infidels.

5 people have spoken:

Sue said...

They'll have to protect him an awful long time then... the British public have long memories :)

Fidothedog said...

Sue, thats why I think he should head back to his flock of goats in Iraq or whereever it was he came in from.

Sue said...

I agree, they don't like in the UK, go somewhere else. I'm beginning to get very angry about foreigners coming to the UK and causing trouble and I'm not the only one!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Perhaps if the mood in Luton deteriorates sufficiently the Police might feel the need to bring in the Army ' to assist the civil power' so Mr. Bashire could be guarded by the baby raping Anglian Regiment ?

Anonymous said...

May i remind you how many thousands of people protested about 'our' soldiers going to war.. Now that their back and done all the damage are you going to sit quietly..? It's amazing the words of 14-15 people can do, all they did was say what most people are thinking..