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Peter Hughes, British Ambassador to North Korea needs a swift kick to the bollocks.

hat tip to Dazed for the mock DNK flag...Read this shit, seriously is that an objective report or has Peter been opening his bum cheeks for the "Glorious Leader" of DNK?
I am delighted to have been asked to contribute a few paragraphs about Pyongyang to Martin Uden's blog while he is away taking a well earned break.
Spring seems to have arrived in Pyongyang, much the same as I suppose it has in Seoul. The weather during the weekend was relatively warm and sunny for the elections of the 12th Supreme People's Assembly that took place on Sunday 8 March. There was a very festive atmosphere throughout the city. Many people were walking to or from the polling stations, or thronging the parks to have picnics or just stroll. Most of the ladies were dressed in the colourful traditional hanguk pokshik and the men in their best suits. Outside the central polling stations there were bands playing and people dancing and singing to entertain the queues of voters waiting patiently to select their representatives in the country's unicameral legislature. The booths selling drinks and snacks were very popular with the crowds and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The list of successful candidates was published on Monday. There was a reported turn-out of over 99% of the voters and all the candidates, including Kim Jong Il, were elected with 100% approval. In a few weeks time the Supreme People's Assembly will open for business which will include voting for the Chairman of the National Defence Committee (presently Kim Jong Il), and drawing up the budget for the coming financial year.
Ah yes, voters who have to vote for who the state picks. Voters who have no right to even spoil their papers, who can be hauled off by secret police if they fail to vote. 

A nation where starvation is rife, a nation dependent on aid from the UN. Where free speech is an unknown concept, all news comes from the state media and even owning a Bible can get you sent to a gas chamber.

Think I am joking? Think that gas chambers died out with Nazi Germany, well read up on the camps on the sidebar. Chemical and even bio weapons have been tested on inmates in DNK camps.

But no lets get back to the elections:
The city has returned to normal since the weekend, and people are going about their business much as they usually do. However, the sunny weather and warmer temperatures have encouraged the parks and roadside verges to begin turning green again after the long winter. During the afternoons, long columns of schoolchildren can be seen marching through the streets in their blue uniforms with red neckerchiefs, carrying red banners and flags that encourage the people to launch a "general offensive in response to the Party's call to make a historic leap on all fronts, and sounding the advance for opening the gate to a strong, powerful and prosperous nation in 2012, the centenary of the birth of the Great Eternal Leader Kim Il Sung". The children sing songs and chant slogans as they either walk gaily hand in hand, or march solemnly by.
Should the children not do so they and their parents may be sent for re-education, they will be lucky if they survive.
There has been a lot of activity preparing the small plots of land around blocks of apartments for sowing a spring crop of vegetables and herbs, and last week the government announced a nationwide 'reforestation' programme under which millions of saplings are to be planted throughout the country. The people in Pyongyang have taken this programme very seriously and have planted young trees every six metres or so along all the pavements, and within the apartment complexes. Every evening people can be seen tending the saplings they put into the ground just a few days ago, while at intervals ladies are sitting selling cigarettes or sweets from small tables they have set up by the roadside.
This utter contemptable little man, a latter day Lord Haw Haw, giving aid to the worst most evil regime on the planet.

One of the commenters on the blog makes an apt point:
"...preparations for planting food in plots of land around apartment buildings are a stark reminder that DPRK agricultural policies have resulted in chronic food shortages and the population never have enough to eat. They grow food on every available piece of land as a necessity not a hobby."
A totaly disgusting piece of groveling, the UK Govt should hang its head in shame. Oh plus a firm kick to the bollocks.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

I was prepared to think that Peter Hughes meant his piece to be taken with a large pinch of salt. There was a reported turn-out of over 99% of the voters and all the candidates, including Kim Jong Il, were elected with 100% approval wink nudge, know what I mean mate ?

But in his later self-justification, which included a
stark reminder that DPRK agricultural policies have resulted in chronic food shortages
he says that he was merely trying to draw a distinction between the people and the State.
He failed, it was simply a poorly written article that reads like a whitewash.
Peter can expect a one way ticket home to london Centre for re-education.

Fidothedog said...

Hopefully he will also get a swift kick to the bollocks.