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Tyler Juett - Has left the building an will not be down for breakfast...

Hat tip to Rantingkingpenguin who said:
I do hope that the person responsible for shuffling this piece of shit from off our mortal coil does not face a stupid and unwarranted prosecution for murder or manslaughter.
Yep another feral scrote has met its maker. The tide is starting to turn folks, after twelve wasted years of hugging these fuckers and sending them on holidays when they are caught.

The public are pissed off, over taxed, stressed out, annoyed and fucked off with being treated like fucking criminals at every step by the state and its minions in the local authorities.

I know what I am talking about here, I even told Jack Straw exactly what I thought. Jack the gutless sack of shit lacked the fucking balls to even answer me man to spineless Labour MP.

Yes we are fucked off with watching feral vermin walk out of court with a slap across the wrist and an ankle tag, with another fifty cases left on file; rather than doing some serious jailtime.

Well unless they happen to be a Labour peer by the name of Lord Ahmed who does just 16 days inside for dangerous driving and causing a death.

3000+ laws and regulations, useless PCSO's doling out fines for dogs crapping, councils treating people as cash cows and after all that the streets are no safer than under the nasty baby eating Tories.

Pissed off with the social underclasses constant breeding more people who they can not afford to feed, clothe or house. Pissed with their constant fucking harping about how they demand yet more money for the "wee bairns".

More than that pissed that they hold us in just as much contempt as the 600+ useless time serving fucking scumbags in the House of Commons. The majority of which are more obcessed with petty point scoring and saving some third world druggie scumbag from Club Gitmo than resolving important issues.

I bet the state has to pick up the tab for burying this garbage as well, were it down to me I would feed it to the fucking pigs.

2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Thanks for the link to slippery Jacks blogg, do you suppose he reads it ?

As you say, hopefully the dead little cunt Tyler Juett did not manage to breed.
"A posting on another tribute site, which hailed Juett as a 'solja', added: 'He done what we do. But it went wrong, so that's unlucky.' Yes and you're next poster boy.

"His mother Michelle, 34, refused to speak to the press but wrote on her Facebook page: 'Why, why, why, why, why? I want my baby back.'"
Why Michelle ? because in robbing yet another house he chose the wrong victim. So why not top your useles self and join him in Chav Heaven ?

Fidothedog said...

I doubt if Jack either reads or writes his so called "interactive blog".

So she was a tad upset, well I do hope she sees the remark about feeding the fucker to the pigs.