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PM James Gordon Brown meets "The One"

Above an below from Lord-elvis
Whilst Grumpyoldtwat gives us this....
But real pictures are even more amusing.
Oh for fucks sake. He is getting a fucking touch up for the cameras, Jesus if he wanted to look good he should cut down on the pies. Who's hand is that anyway? Looks like it may be Lord Mandelsnake.
By fuck he looks uncomfortable, struggling his best to hold in his lardy gut. 
An the moment he has been secretly practising in the mirror for months, bejesus will you get that false fucking grin. Cunt looks like he is gurning. 

Saddly for him Princess Tony could look like he enjoyed any fuckers company, press the flesh with the best of em. Cyclops fails.

3 people have spoken:

USA_Admiral said...

Absolutely hilarious!

Dr. Dave said...

b. Hussein, the fuck, fails every day, so maybe Cyclops is just happy to be in low places, with low company.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Love the desk pic. Is it true that Gordon tried to kiss Obama ?

"fuck off faggot "