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MP's cover up home addresses

MP's no longer have to put their addresses down where we the public can see them. Security and all that.

Paul Flynn MP(left) says on his webshyte about MP's keeping their addresses secret:
One seeking the chance for MPs to keep their addresses off ballot papers had three approving votes. The demand for that was made by  handful of members - including me. 
Why as I am sure Al-Quada are looking for bigger and better targets than a doddery MP in his 70's?

Maybe he is hoping that the next time he gets into some legal bother, the company involved will not be able to serve papers on him for libel?

Is he sure that protecting MP's addresses is such a good idea, as I know his home address just around the corner from myself infact. 

A Google map has been inserted, thus defeating the whole point of his attempting to hide from the voters of Newport.

3 people have spoken:

Screech said...

oh golly gosh...5 minutes walk from us then? Might pop in for a slice of cake and a cup of Earl Grey what what?

Damon Lord said...

To be honest, I seriously can understand why a politician would like to keep their address less accessible. I know of one political activist of a mainstream party who received some rather nasty things through the post, and even had their car stolen. The culprit was never formally identified or caught, but unofficially it was suspected to be a local BNP activist who had taken a dislike to the mainstream party activist.

Fidothedog said...

Damon to a point I agree, however the duplicitous lying, expense fiddling fuckers work for us.

If your a council bod your address is on the local council webshyte so why the difference?