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Radioactive nonce lost.

A Nonce who is said to be dangerously radioactive may have fled to Ireland ahead of his trial on Child Pornography Charges.

Should not be very difficult to find, all the Garda need to do is look out for a chap hanging about outside some school with sweets and a puppy an who happens to be glowing in the dark.

Forget the policedogs a giger counter will track him down.

That said as he is getting treatment for his illness maybe just leave him there to die.

3 people have spoken:

Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

Infected by radioactivicitry?

Won't he have turned green, split his shirt and developed an ability to leap tall buildings by now?

Oldrightie said...

It's not Peter Mandleson by any chance? Rumour has it he glows in the dark.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

We've all seen the press demonise bad guys but even the Aussie Arsonist nor Fred The Shred have been labelled “dangerously radioactive” .