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Victor Anichebe

It seems that if you are a chap on crutches window shopping in Cheshire, the local plod think that despite that you may be about to rob the joint. The chap happens to be black and he was on crutches, common sense seems to have left the plod in that area.
Now I am no fan of many of the over paid ponces that make up much of our football world and the first to mock those who take the piss by claiming the Ali G "Is it cos I is black card" but this is taking the piss to be fair.
Now I know they have to catch criminals but did the couple of PC plods think that some chap on crutches was going to pull a robbery in a jewellers an hobble away at high speed? According to the footie player one of them even grabbed his crutches to prevent his escape.

Methinks the officers involved may be sent on some sensitivity training, either that or off to the SPG!

4 people have spoken:

Dr. Dave said...

Ah...c'mon. You know how fast they can run...elongated Achilles and all. I mean the PC had to do something. Those crutches made him practically armed!

Damon Lord said...

I can understand the police's actions if it had been Merseyside regardless of race, but it wasn't, it was in Cheshire. The police would have had the justifiable defence that anyone looking in a shop window in Merseyside is about to heave a brick and be on the rob.

(Tongue firmly in cheek)

Houdini said...

I wonder if they were PCSO's?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I had this sketch in mind while looking at the BBC link, thank you RAOTFL.