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Yep its cunt of the year time: Tim Marin head of J D Wetherspoon.

Yep we have a winner. Tim Martin is my cunt of the year for 2009.

Not a politician and believe me there are just so many that are deserving of nothing more than a piano wire noose and the spray of blood; as they are hauled up by irate voters to dance the gallows jig. 

Now some may be asking quite who Tim Martin is, well he is the head of the large corporate supermarket in pubs clothing called JD Wetherspoons.

He tries bless him to come across as a jovial type talking about pubs but he is to the tradional British boozer what GP Harold Shipman is to life expenancy for OAP's.

Take this one where Tim of corporate chav palace chain J D Wetherspoons has no sympathy for struggling tenant landlords in these hard times: From the FT.
"If there is no spare cash to invest in maintaining properties and if prices are uncompetitively high, don’t be surprised if you lose customers, he says. Mr Martin is selling beer at 99p ($1.40) a pint. Because he can."
Well yes his chain has grown rich on the remains of the traditional pub trade, opening cheap 21st Century Gin palaces selling South American Zebu bushmeat steak and fizzy larger to the nations chavs.

Compare the difference one hard working licensee with a family and bills to pay against a huge corporate that can afford to take a loss to undercut the other pubs. Wetherspoons have a history of doing this, when I used to drink in them I remember seeing the many posters boasting of cheaper prices than nearby establishments.

The term loss leader is thrown about with regards supermarkets yet Wetherspoons gets not a mention for undercutting locals.

Then we have the tenant landlord who has struggled to pay his ever increasing rent, his bills, provide plastic glasses and comply with all the ever increasing taxes and regulations from local authorities/national government. 

Places that have been part of the community for often hundreds of years, does Tim care about that well obviously not the cunt. His whole aim is to be a Ronald McDonald beer supplier, one on every high street and every one the same.

Our one eyed Scottish idiot - © Jeremy Clarkson- our PM Gordon Brown may be hammering in the nails but its corporate chains like Tim's that will be closing the lid on the traditional pub chain here in the UK.

Tim will be doing it with a smile, turning the traditional local into a clone alike Wetherspoon, I swear they even have the same fucking old people hogging the bar of a morning for the el-chepo coffee.

Walking into a well run pub be it owned or managed - definitely not a Wetherspoon pub -  is a pleasure that is becoming ever more rare thanks to Tim and his pub co. 

A visit to a well run pub is like stepping into someones home, the friendly welcome and good customer service. Walking into a Wetherspoon is like a trip to Travel Lodge. 

The knowledge of the area and staff who know what they are selling, the corporate Mc Wetherspoon fall also down on these points.

If they were a home they would be this one. Seriously Tim have a word with the Polish cleaners and maybe a few more staff collecting glasses might not go amiss.

If we are not careful a few years down the line, only the soulless hell that is Wetherspoons and other bland big brand name chains will be left on the high street. All the menus the same, the same drinks, the same pub in every high street with just the name being the only difference.

The thought that in maybe 20 years all that will be left on the High Street is Wetherspoon chav palaces is enough to make me want to give up booze, pick up a koran an convert to radical Islam.

Fuck you Tim Martin, right through the heart you cunt.

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3 people have spoken:

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I sometimes meet up with a mate in an Edinburgh Witherspoons, because he is a mean bastard who likes the prices.
But getting served is a joke.As you say it's full of grannies wanting tea, and arseholes changing their mind three times over the food, and then it's "go and ask Tracey if she wants diet coke"

I fancy one now actually.
Off to my local.The landlord is a mean bastard too,nearly three quid for a pint of heavy, but I'm drinking it a minute after I enter the place.

Fidothedog said...

They truly are an awful chain.

doug said...

"have a word with the Polish cleaners", nothing like a bit of racism to take the credibility away from an otherwise well written article.