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New Labour smoking ban. No ban at G20.

Smoking allowed back into the workplace, but only for our masters. According to tabloid The Sun...
...contacted by a source who works for the company involved in the G20 Summit being held at Excel in London’s Canning Town next month.

“Although smoking is banned within work places in the UK and has been a vigorously enforced Labour policy, it is being allowed at the G20 summit – indeed, there is a smoking lounge,” he reports.

So think on that one the next time its pissing down with rain and you have to step outside for a swift smoke whilst getting drenched to the skin. 

We plebs an proles have to leave the pub, the workplace to engage in the evil week. Yet the very duplicitous cunts who forced the ban on us, helping to kill thousands of pubs in the process will have a smoking lounge laid on for them.

Remember that one come polling day an kick Labour scum out of office, remember that for the next time some cunt of a Labour politician defends the smoking ban.

I bet the cunts are even claiming 20 Benson & Hedges on expenses as well, getting us to pay for the fags that they can smoke inside.

I wonder what the cuntmonkey Dr Alan Maryon thinks of this? A typical look down his nose at the great unwashed liberal who thinks we need ever more draconian laws, more regulation all in the belief that we are cunts unable to make a decision and weigh up the risks.

Fuck em'

2 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

I recall the scrapping of inter-European duty free shopping. It still is available in special, dedicated shop in Brussels for the special people of The EU gravy train. Why do we put up with it all?

MK said...

One rule for you peasants and a different one for them. One day they're just deserts will arrive.