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Yet more Labour sleaze: Labour Councillor Zafar Iqbal-Din

A COUNCILLOR arrested in a money-laundering inquiry has been dropped by Calderdale Council's Labour group.

Zafar Iqbal-Din, pictured, of Park ward, was quizzed by police earlier this month and bailed until May.

Labour leader Tim Swift said: "I have informed the council's chief executive Coun Din is no longer a member of the Labour group."

He remains a councillor but is no longer a member of the Labour Party.

Councillor Iqbal-Din said he had been arrested and bailed as part of an inquiry into a friend's activities.

He said he was one of around 15 people who lent a man money for a deposit on a property.

I keep saying it, Labour are all corrupt scum. From the one eyed snot gobbling trouser pisser who lords it in No.10 despite no one voting for the fucker, down to the money grabbing champagne socialist hoards looting the treasury.

From humble grasping party works, and in this case a self serving councillor feathering his own nest. New Labour are amoral self serving scum one and all.

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