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Andrew Taylor, do take a flying fuck out of the window, dear chap.

It must be that time of the year when the loons come out, the latest example is one Andrew Taylor of Animal Aid who wants angling banned for the sake of the fish. 
Andrew Tyler, director of animal rights group Animal Aid, said: 'Fish are probably the most abused group of animals in our culture. Fishing is seen as a poetic, meditative practice, but it's barbaric, cruel and should be banned. How much more research do they need?'
Watching this shower of shit government in action, they are like a huge magnet to any loon with an axe to grind. From eco nuts who want us all to live on some communal dung heap dying from dysentry, through to booze banning doctors, anti smoking nazi's, car haters, whale huggers and now fish lovers. 

Mind when you consider that Labour is made up of the "righteous", the ones who love to ban, pass edicts and snoop it is no wonder they attract each other.

All of whom believe firmly in free choice unless it has anything to do with their pet cause, at which point should you disagree your made out to be a nazi.

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