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MP expenses simple to reform.

The prime minister said "swift reform" was still needed and asked standards watchdog Sir Christopher Kelly to bring forward his report on expenses to July. But Sir Christopher warned that the issues involved were "not simple".

Not simple my arse. Look I can reform the whole system in two minutes.

2nd homes allowance scrapped, build a block of flats near The Commons. Job done.

Travel - Issue them rail cards and bus passes out of their pay. You watch standards increase on trains an buses when MP's have to travel with the great unwashed public. This will have the added benefit of bringing them more into contact with the public who I am sure will bend their ear on the issues of the day.

No first class travel and no wifes and hoard of assistants to be taken along making them look like some eastern potentate surrounded by clerks and court advisers.

No bath plugs, porn films, cable bills or nannys to be paid for. They get a wage let the greedy hogs an sows pay for it all out of their wages. 

Same go's for websites, they want one then they pay for it. 

I would also argue the same for mobiles, after all they are on £60K+ a year so I am sure they can afford a few hours airtime.

No state cars for any of them from the PM on down. They claim to support public transport well lets see them use it. 

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Odin's Raven said...

There's a simpler solution. Pay MP's NOTHING from public funds. Let their parties pay them. Then the public need not care what pay or expenses they get.