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Axe the Beer Tax - A response to cyclops uncreasing beer duties.


The Chancellor's decision to go ahead with beer tax rises is the signing of a death warrant for thousands of more pubs across Britain - and a slap in the face to the tens of thousands of Axe the Beer Tax campaign supporters, including more than 200 MPs, publicans, the brewing industry, pubgoers and the general public.

But this issue is too important to stand aside. Pubs need your help more than ever if we are to help save a vital part of our communities and an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The good news is that there are more opportunities to have our voice heard - and Alastair Darling's decision to impose inflation-busting tax increases on beer still has to be approved by MPs in Parliament.

So we are now asking you to lobby your MP again to urge the Chancellor to reverse this unfair and unjustified tax hike. Simply click here to send a message to your MP asking him or her to campaign for the removal of the beer tax increase from the Finance Bill when it is presented to Parliament.

We are winning the argument to axe beer tax to save pubs. But it will take time to achieve.

Thank you for your magnificent support so far. Now let's step up the campaign so that the Government, MPs and others hear the message loud and clear - that the British public values its pubs and will fight hard to keep this vital institution alive."

Axe the Beer Tax - Save the Pub
A Campaign by the British Beer and Pub Assoication and the Campaign for Real Ale

Try the Beer Taxometer at www.axethebeertax.com/support-us/tax-o-meter.aspx

Shall add my own 2p worth on this as a drinker myself..

There is a slight flaw in his fiscal plans. He claims that raising duties will bring in a certain amount of money into government hands. That is true but no where as much as he believes, also based on the inaccuracy of previous predictions by government is guessing figures a habit he should still be doing?

Now by raising prices and doing nothing to stop 39 odd pubs closing a week - a trend that looks likely to continue - he will in fact have less revenue coming into his hands than planned for. Its quite easy to work out: Less pubs = less tax money. 

Thats without the ill feeling on the part of drinkers towards a government who sees them as a handy cash point to be tapped.

Then we have drinkers who faced with losing their jobs in hard times will be turning to the supermarket for a four-pack and not going to the pub.

Shall have to give our badger haired chancellor and Gordon a black mark in the school book on this one, rather than a gold star!

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