The National Debt Clock.

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Gosh that is a lot of money!

According to today's budget, public sector debt will reach 91 percent of GDP by 2014. It will take at least a generation to clean up this mess.

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9 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

This is scary shit.....we're all doomed....

Fidothedog said...

Yep the word fucked as Labours election chances springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to do what the banana republics do. Throw our hands in the air and ask our creditors to move the decimal point one or two steps to the left.
At least the banana republics have bananas,we've got sweet FA.

Cato said...

One of Saddam Hussein's sons, I think it was Uday but what's in a name, had a rather splendid wheeze for getting rid of people to whom he'd taken a dislike.

He'd acquired a giant paper shredder into which he fed his victims feet first.

Does anyone know if it's still available? E-bay perhaps?

Anonymous said...

These figures just take your breath away. They're fucking mind boggling.

We'll all be fucked way beyond the fuck of beyond by the unelected, pant pissing fat fuck if we don't fuck him the fuck off BEFORE next April.

Dazed and Confused said...

The worst part of all, is this incompetent sack of shit still have fourteen months to govern.

Perhaps we should all bolt to Zimbabwe now for a better standard of fucking living.

subrosa said...

It just gets worse and worse.

LV there's still something on your blog here that holds up the downloading for me.

Anonymous said...

Didn't ol' Thatch say something to the effect that socialism works until someone else's money runs out?

Fidothedog said...

She did William, an they will be raising taxes again before being booted out of power.