The National Debt Clock.

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Champagne socialist piggys:

1. Nicholas Brown, Chief Whip £165,315
2. Hazel Blears, Local Government Secretary £164,791
3. Beverley Hughes, Children's Minister £164,055
4. Liam Byrne, Cabinet Office Minister £164,024
5. Jim Murphy, Scottish Secretary £162,542
6. Caroline Flint, Europe Minister £158,773
7. Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary £157,631 (and Minister for grumble flicks.)
8. Ed Balls, Children, Schools and Families Secretary £155,526
9. John Denham, Innovation, Universities and Skills Secretary £154,260
10. Shaun Woodward, Northern Ireland Secretary £152,822.

4 people have spoken:

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

Crocodile hunter i just very dare you to use it


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Their troughligacy has no bounds.

Cheeky Boy said...

They'd fuckin starve if they get a job in the real world...these cunts will be knockin on our doors in June beggin for our votes.....an MEP can make up to a million in four years...nice work if you can get it!

Fidothedog said...

Yep, I am looking forward to them doing the door knocking come election time.