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War veteran Cyril Carter, 96 fined £100 for smoking in a Ramada Plaza Hotel room.

Welcome to the Soviet Rep. of Gordon Brown's 'Cool Britannia' please pay your fine on the way out...Cyril Carter, 96, has seen the price of cigarettes rocket by a whopping 24000 per cent since he took up smoking.
Back in 1926 twenty Woodbine cost just six old pence but at his ripe old age Cyril still enjoys an occasional fag and pays nearly £6 for a pack of twenty.

War veteran Cyril remains astonished at today's prices but little did he imagine that a single cigarette would ever cost him £100!

But that is the price that former RAF airman Cyril was forced to pay when he was "fined" after lighting-up in his room at four star hotel.

Retired bus inspector Cyril and his wife Lydia, 93, of Birkdale, Southport, decided to take a mini-holiday in their home town and booked into the £150-a-night Ramada Plaza.

But to their astonishment when they came to check-out the couple had a £100 "smoking fine" slapped on their bill.

Management say the recently-built hotel overlooking the resort's Marine Lake is entirely non-smoking and has signs in all the rooms warning guests of the no-fags rule.

Grey-haired Cyril said: "I know cigarettes are expensive these days but I never imagined that smoking one could cost me a hundred pounds.

"I had no idea that there was a no-smoking rule at this hotel. I saw no signs and nobody told me about it.
So no signs around, although the hotel would dispute that. Then they sting him for £100 quid. Me I would have walked out, a case of screw them lets get it settled in court and with some colourful terms with regards the parentage of the manager. Then again I am not 96 years of age.
"I would not have stayed there if I had known and I think they've got a damn cheek charging a pensioner that kind of money.

"You could have knocked me down with a feather when they told me that they were charging me a hundred quid for cleaning the room.

"They kept us for nearly an hour waiting at the reception and they would not let us leave until we paid the fine."

Cyril did not have the extra money to pay the fine and had to borrow it from his sister-in-law who had also stayed at the hotel.
So looks like this place has a nice little earner on the books, claim someone has had a puff of smoke and bingo £100 quid in the till. Easy money.

Also what the flying fuck is that horse shit about it covering the costs of cleaning the room? Come on a tin of air freshener and five minutes time for one of the Ukrainian maids to give the place a bit of a hoover and polish. 

Whats that lot come to about £10 tops, including paying the staff member. The rest is sheer profit, in this case little more than  extoring money with menaces.

Added Cyril: "It was all very embarrassing. They could see that we are all getting on a bit but they had no sympathy and insisted we had to pay this fine.

"The staff were quite abrupt in the way they treated us and I would never stay at that hotel again."

A spokesman for the Ramada Hotel Southport said: "It is hotel policy to fine guests who smoke one hundred pounds.

"The hotel is no smoking throughout and there are signs at the main reception and in all of the rooms.

"When people see that the hotel is no smoking, they don't usually decide to light up do they?"

Asked wether the fine might be waived in light of Cyril's age the spokesman added: "If we waive a fine for one then we would have to waive it for all.
After all rules are rules, what a joyfull pleasure it must be staying at a hotel run by a pen pusher like that.
"The cost of preparing a room where someone has been smoking is closer to two hundred pounds."
The smoking rights campaign Forest condemned the Ramada Plaza Hotel over the affair.

A Forest spokesman said: "This shows how extreme the anti-smoking mentality has become in this country.

"If there is a total smoking ban at this hotel the staff should make that very clear to guests when they check-in.
"The staff and management at the Ramada Plaza Hotel should be absolutely ashamed of themselves at treating a war veteran in this appalling way."
I hope the punters stay away, in fact they should be ashamed of how they have treated this chap and return his £100 along with the still bleeding warm head of the petty minded arsewipe responsible, an apology and recompense for his distress.

Lets hope that this is one hotel that falls fowl of the recession and go's belly up. 

I blame this attitude on the Quisling, snitch thy neighbours, nanny state hectoring encouraged by our scum politicians in New Labour; that encourages every small minded holier than thou cunt to bully and quote the fucking rule book at every opportunity. 

Wankers complete and utter contemptable wankers.

Oh and lets not forget that whilst petty minded dog shit inspectorsPCSO's Police Community Support Officers, wardens and the like fine folk for smoking in the wrong place and enforce all the innumerable bloody rules; that New Labour scum drop those same rules for there pals in the G20.

Well I have added a boycott Ramada Plaza Hotels button to the side, this links to the Daily Mail story and hopefully some potential customers will choose to take their business elsewhere. I for one will never be using them, our OAP's deserve a lot more respect and consideration than how this chain treats them.

3 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Too be fair, The Ramada is private property and it is up to them whether or not to ban smoking.
Likewise I would have told them to see me in court, especially if they used the word 'fine' which it is illegal to charge other than after a trial by ones peers.

All they can legally do is to bar you from the premises and even then their only recourse in law is a private prosecution for trespass.

Ramada Plaza duly boycotted and any other hotel that chooses to be smoke free..

Basil Brown said...

Absolutely disgusting treatment of a war-veteran. These box-checking propagandised fucking halfwits aren't fit to shine this man's shoes. I'll never stay at Ramada or any other place imposing these fascist-puritan regimes.

Fidothedog said...

Well said Basil, what gets me is the treatment of an OAP like that. Fuckers should hang their heads in shame.

He was dodging fucking bullets so twats like them can steal his money.