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Court of public opinion "again"

I see the politicians are saying that the BBC fine over Jonathan Ross/Brand should be paid by them rather than the taxpayer.
Now I am no fan of either of them, overpaid cunts the pair of them but compared to the utter shits in power they are almost angels.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears told Radio 4's Any Questions that Ross and Brand should pay rather than let it come from licence fee-payer's money.

This follows on from this government or rather Harriett Harperson claiming that the pension of Sir Fred Goodwin should be paid back and the "court of public opinion" was against him.

They do like that "court" do our politico's, so here is one for them. I and many others think that they are all grasping, duplicitous, thieving fuckers who lack the ability to balance the nations books, seek only their own fiscal gain and rob us blind through their expenses. Who if given a chance would be opening your dead gran's coffin, pliers in hand to get her gold teeth out. 

So maybe they would care to argue that we should not use that same court against them. That they should not be stripped of their pensions, their clothes torn from them, all their stolen assets recovered by the state and then all of them led through the streets in chains. 

All the while the over taxed citizens spit at them and throw rotten fruit at them before finally their end comes in the form of a slow draw out gallows jig on a rope, their last sound the cheers of the public watching them die on the gallows at Tyburn.

Never happen sadly but a pleasant thought none the less.

3 people have spoken:

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Overpaid cunt describes most of the people I know.

Apart from me of course.

I'm an underpaid cunt.

JPT said...

They don't give a shit about public opinion.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Court Of Public Opinion sentences all expenses abusers to be eaten by their own dogs.