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Victor Frederick raided by members of the terror plod.

The local plod have have made a slight cock up again...A JAZZ musician has revealed the “terrifying” moment armed police raided his house carrying automatic weapons as part of a major anti-terror operation.

Victor Frederick, 63, was arrested and strip-searched just yards from his home, just moments after his partner Andrea Heath and their daughter had infra-red sights trained at them and were told they would be shot if they moved.

No charges were ever brought against Mr Frederick.

Yesterday, in a press conference at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood said South Wales Police had serious questions to answer about what she believes could easily have become a Welsh version of the Jean Charles de Menezes tragedy.

The innocent Brazilian was shot dead on a London tube train in 2005 by police who wrongly thought he was a terrorist.
South Wales Police last night insisted its officers had acted “in good faith based on genuine concerns”.

But Mr Frederick, who has lived in Cardiff for 35 years and is originally from St Kitts in the West Indies, told how:

police confiscated apparently suspicious items, which included a video of boxer Muhammad Ali and a ceramic urn containing a traditional West Indian drink;

police interpreted soundproofing equipment and wiring from his musical studio as a potential sign of illicit activity;
**Well there you go, possession of jazz music and a video of Muhammad Ali. Now I notice that Mr Frederick is originally from St Kitts, I wonder if the overzealous attitude of the boys in blue was perhaps a Constable Savage moment?

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JPT said...

I like the book.

Oldrightie said...

Plod are the militant wing of New Labour.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I too was puzzled until the revelation " is it coz I is blacl ? " hinted at by 'tradiional West Indian drink '.

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