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Damian Green MP, top civil servants exaggerated case against him.

From the Daily Mail....Leading Government officials goaded police into launching the leak inquiry which led to the controversial arrest of Tory MP Damian Green, an influential committee of MPs said last night.

Civil servants, led by the Home Office's Sir David Normington, were accused of using 'hyperbole' and 'exaggeration' to inflate the case for an investigation, which senior detectives quickly agreed to.

In a devastating report, the Home Affairs Select Committee questioned whether the probe would even have taken place if the mandarins had not claimed the leaks had caused ' considerable damage to national security'.

In fact, the documents passed to Tory immigration spokesman Mr Green by a whistleblower, and later handed to the Daily Mail and other newspapers, contained revelations, which were simply embarrassing to the Home Secretary. One involved a cover-up of an illegal immigrant scandal.

Sir David, the top civil servant at the Home Office, has since admitted only one had anything to do with national security.

So top employees of the state work with HM Government to hit out at political opponents. Nice to see New Labour democracy in action.

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