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Gordonomics in action: It's not just Africa where they rig elections ya know.

We are going to be seeing a lot more election rigging, both within Labour and also in local/national elections as Labour attempt to oppress free democracy. 
Georgia Gould, whose father Philip Gould was one of the founders of new Labour, has emerged as the unlikely front-runner at the age of just 22 to become the candidate in Erith and Thamesmead at the next election.

John Austin, the retiring MP, is so incensed by the alleged tactics of Mr Blair's supporters to bolster Miss Gould he has written to Ray Collins, the General Secretary of the Labour Party, to demand an inquiry..

The local party has been engulfed in a dirty tricks row after a third, an unusually high number, registered to vote by postal ballot in this Saturday's election.

Some local party members have allegedly been approached by Miss Gould's supporters with postal application forms filled in with their names, addresses, and telephone numbers and the reasons for not being able to vote in person.

Mr Austin told The Daily Telegraph: "It's for that reason that I have written to the general secretary to ask him to investigate alleged irregularities in the postal votes. Undue external pressure has been exerted."...

Plus...from Subrosa, some questions over postal votes.
Most of my UK readers will recognise the man in this photo as Tony Booth, father of Cherie Blair.  The woman is the third Mrs Booth who has had a lifelong desire to serve the UK as an MP (if you believe that then...).  I know this is little to do with Scottish politics directly but the labour party held their selection ballot last night.  
Guess who won?  The result was astonishing even for the local paper and it was the postal votes 'what swung it', a bit like Glenrothes.  Have a read of the Daily Mail article.  It goes to show the labour party make rules, break rules and treat even their own with contempt.  As for the union Unite they sicken me.
Do not ever use a postal vote if you can avoid it, the Labour filth will be rigging the next election. Lets call for international observers to oversee the election, ensuring that those who count the votes firstly count all the votes and don't count mythical non-existant voters.
Its not just on economic policies that the one eyed dictator is copying Bob Mugabe.

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3 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

LV I seriously think postal voting should be banned unless accompanied by a doctor's note. Somehow we must stamp our the corruption before the next election.

Also these electronic counting machines should be banned too. So very open to fraud they are. Jings, we just have to look at our computers to see how easy it is.

subrosa said...

Oops LV forgot to say thanks for the link :)

Fidothedog said...

Lots of people will be voting by post, probably more than live in the entire realm.