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Dr David Kelly a memorial page on Facebook.

I don't often talk about Facebook but feel that this group needs to have a mention:

A person who demands respect.
David Christopher Kelly CMG (May 14,[1] 1944 – July 17, 2003) was an employee of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD), an expert in biological warfare and a former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq.
Kelly's discussion with Today Programme journalist Andrew Gilligan about the British government's dossier on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq inadvertently caused a major political scandal. He was found dead days after appearing before the Parliamentary committee charged with investigating the scandal.
The Hutton Inquiry, a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death, ruled that he had committed suicide and that Kelly had not in fact said some of the things attributed to him by Gilligan.
Welcome the the beautiful world of government spin and lies.

A worthy page to remember someone who paid the ultimate price by oppsing the lies and spin of the New Labour scum.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

I don't do Facebook and my Mum doesn't do politics but whenever David Kelly comes up in conversation she gets quite animated about it.