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Needlessly cruel but I am going to do it anyway: Lardy family The Chawner's.

Hat tip to The Landedunderclass, for this one as well as Bristol Dave; both fine blogs worthy of a viewing. 
Anyway El BBC ran this lardy sob story...here

They have been lambasted in the press and laughed at by neighbours. Here, the Chawner family, with a combined weight of 83 stones, describe their distress at unwanted attention and abuse.

Right, so why go bleating to the press? Seriously they courted the public when their chunky daughter went to that tedious reality show. Look its cause and effect, you talk to the press you come to the attention of the public. Cause and effect.

They have bleated and whined to the press before and yet are not happy when the great public express views they dislike.

Now they are not happy, not happy at all:
Sitting at her laptop, Emma shows me a Facebook group set up about the family.
The tone of the group - which has since been removed - is set by the title: "Get off your fat ass, Emma Chawner and your fat family, and get a job."
Sounds good to me.
It had more than 3,500 members, and contained a string of comments describing the family as fat, lazy and sponging off the state...
The Chawner family say they have become so concerned about the abuse that they have contacted the police.
Emma's father Phillip pulls out a stack of newspapers to show me what has been written about them.
Flicking through the pages, the headlines all talk about their size and the fact that they are on benefits: Introducing the lardbuckets; All that is wrong with Britain; 83-stone family's too fat to work and too busy watching TV to diet; The real Tellytubbies.
Although this bit got me:
Emma stated "There was a comment on there which said, 'If I see Emma Chawner, I'll kill her,' and that upset me and I ran upstairs crying." - Now come on, ran upsrairs did you? I think not, a slow ponderous waddle morelikes. 
Come on dear don't lie.

Oh, Lancashire Police confirmed that they had received a complaint from the Chawner family about abuse directed at them on the Facebook site. A spokeswoman said: "We investigated the allegation, but concluded that no offence has been committed. The matter is now closed."

But some state busybody called Sue Steel, who is the national manager of the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), described the online abuse of the Chawners as "unacceptable".

Well the ABA which recieves much of its funding from HM Govt is what I find "unacceptable", a state funded fake charity, a quango which can only exist on money extorted from the taxpayers of the land. Have a look at the Charity Commission under Registered Charity No. 258825.

Not the first time I have commented on this family, last time was regards their calls for more state food money....They have a combined weight of 83 stone and claim £22,000 in taxpayer-funded benefits on the basis they are ‘too fat to work’.
Yet, incredibly, X Factor failure Emma Chawner's family from Blackburn are demanding more money - because they still can’t afford their calorie-laden lifestyle.

Asked why they don’t simply go on a diet, the jobless Chawner family who are so obese their neighbours call them ‘the telly tubbies’ insist: ‘We don’t have the time.’-
Well make the time its not like your holding down a full time job now is it?...

6 people have spoken:

Cheeky Boy said...

There's no shame anymore..I blame all those poxy Jeremy Kyle type shows that started in the 90s.'I'm a Pikey/Chav/Fat whatever loser but it's not my fault'. Fuckin' wallowing in victimhood..Was it really us Brits that won an empire..hard to believe it's the same genepool

Fidothedog said...

Cheeky back in the olden days we just used to ship them out to the penal colonies.

Cato said...

Fidothedog said...

Cheeky back in the olden days we just used to ship them out to the penal colonies.

I'd guarantee they'd have lost some weight by the time they reached Sydney.. Useless fat twats the lot of'em.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is having a fucking giraffe here.
They are just bone idle, gut bucketing fat fucks, sponging off the tax payers.

Set an example . . .
Drop them in the sea off the coast of Japan so that the Japs can do us all a favour by harpooning the lardy arsed layabouts and turning them into sushi.

Feed the five thousand, all Jesus like.

Job done!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

'If I see Emma Chawner, I'll kill her,'
Well it would be difficult to miss her.

Anonymous said...

No time to diet?

It takes just as long to peel a banana as it does to unwrap a KitKat.