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Dr Richard Dixon - über tree hugging eco wanker.

HOMEOWNERS who do not to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their properties should be treated as criminals, one of the country's most influential environmentalists said last night.
Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, believes tough measures are needed to force people to cut their use of fossil fuels and thinks governments should consider making it a crime for members of the public not to take measures such as installing cavity wall insulation.

He also said he thought failing to put in energy efficiency measures was "as antisocial as drink driving".
Oh fuck off,  what a tedious little cunt, seriously you don't expect us to compare someone not having enough cavity insulation with that of a drunk driver mowing down some poor sod?

Quite obviously the cretin does. What a disgusting creepy little joyless fascist he must be.
And The Scotsman has learned many Scots who want to help the environment by improving the energy efficiency of their homes are struggling due to a lack of advice and grants, and an inadequate planning system.

Dr Dixon branded the delays to the government's action plan "pathetic", and said it was time to "stir things up" so more action was taken on energy efficiency.
About 750,000 properties with cavity walls in Scotland have not been insulated to make them more energy efficient. 
"We should be getting into the territory where we force people to do this (insulate their homes]," Dr Dixon said.
Oh fuck off, seriously. Force people, so where is the money to come from? Well our no doubt small penis endowled bean counter has no idea. He just wants laws passed and folk pushed into what he sees as the right direction.
"Lots of people have done things voluntarily, such as changing their light bulbs. However, there are also a lot of people who can't be bothered.

"Making it compulsory would help to concentrate their minds. I think climate change is so serious that we need to start cracking down in a serious way. We need to start forcing people to do the right thing – not just encouraging them but actually forcing them."
What a cunt. Oh and it gets better, by better I mean worse.
Dr Dixon, who lives in a cottage in rural Perthshire that has double glazing and insulation, suggested the penalty for not having the likes of cavity wall insulation should be to have the work forcibly carried out, and then for the home owner to be landed with the bill. If that payment was added to people's energy bills, they would hardly notice it due to the money they would save as a result of greater energy efficiency, he said.
Look a thousand years of liberty, of the home being a castle is to be flushed down the eco-toilet should he have his way. Forcing people to have work carried out when global warming is just a fucking theory, an unproven one at that. I say again he is a cunt.
He added that a fine could also be a good idea, but he was "not suggesting we should send people to jail for wasting fossil fuels". However, prison is the ultimate penalty for the non-payment of fines.
No that is exactly what he is suggesting, the cunt. They have the work carried out against their wishes and should they not pay, no doubt a huge sum once the state gets its over bearing claws into the market; then its off to jail they go.

The cunt speaks again:
Dr Dixon went on: "We have always felt people's houses are their castles and what they do is up to them. If they are destroying the planet, that's still up to them. I think that should no longer be the case."
Thanks to his pals in New Labour they are not anymore.
Dr Dixon told The Scotsman that he used energy efficient light bulbs, always opted for the most energy efficient appliances possible, and had spent the Christmas holiday renewing the draught-proofing on the doors in his home.
I bet he calls it "Wintermass" the cunt.
He added that he was not happy with the energy efficiency of his current oil-based heating system, and he said he was planning to talk to his landlord about whether solar panels could be fitted to the roof of his cottage.
Oh what a joy of a tenant he must be.
He also said patio heaters were the "invention of the devil" and should become illegal.
Fucking libertarian this cunt is, the cunt.
In his ideal world, a licence would be needed to own a four-wheel-drive car – in a similar way as shotguns can be owned only by certain people.
That would be important people like himself.
Dr Dixon also said carbon rationing – whereby each member of the public is allowed a specific allowance of carbon emissions – should be considered.
Cunt, a total cunt.

Over to DK, who rips into the cunt.

Still, as always, it's worth looking at this charity to see just how much of our money is going towards funding Dr Dixon to try to make real his authoritarian fantasies. The trouble is that the Scottish Charity regulator does not keep details of charity accounts on the website: luckily, however, upon searching for WWF Scotland, said wesbite simply directs us to WWF-UK (Scottish Charity No. SC039593).

WWF-UK comes under the jurisdiction of the Charity Commission (No. 1081247) and so we can happily have a little scan through the accounts. So, as is becoming customary, let's look at the grants that they received in 2008 (the latest accounts).

So, definitely one for fakecharities.org. And I hope that everyone agrees that the near £4.8 million of taxpayers' money spent by WWF-UK in the last year gives Dr Dixon every right to tell us what to do?

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