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Gordon "foie gras" Brown can't make his mind up on expenses.

"WARSAW: "Completely and utterly ridiculous". That was how snot muncher Gordon Brown reacted in Warsaw this morning to suggestions that his handling of the controversy over MPs' expenses had not been a total triumph.

Remember that first of all, he said that this wasn't a matter for him
The prime minister appeared to distance himself from the growing controversy about MPs' expenses, which featured in several other Sunday newspapers.

Questioned at a summit he is attending with other EU leaders Mr Brown said: "I think over the last few days the world has made sufficient advances in how we can deal with the economy, how we can deal with terrorism, how we can deal with security and these are the issues I am concentrating on.

"All these other issues are being dealt with by the Committee on Standards in Public Life".
Then he said that it was a matter for an enquiry, after the next election.

Followed by a statement where he said that the enquiry should be quicker.

Next up he came up with a proposal for a daily attendance allowance. Of course this being Gordon he announced that on YouTube. 

Before changing his small mind again and abandoned that idea in a letter released after a news conference in Islamabad.

This morning he said that the government would make fresh proposals by the summer, even though the chairman of the enquiry, Sir Christopher Kelly, had indicated that he won't be able to report by then..."

Nick Robinson has more on the tractorstats annoucements by our snot munching, mono eyed PM.

Oh and ever the sensitive soul he is, the cunt has done a photoshoot at Auschwitz with his wife who of course is their in an official role to hug kittens or something and NOT as a political prop. Repeat not a political prop taken along at taxpayer expense to a former deathcamp for a pr photoshoot.

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