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Leanne Salt benefit drawing uber-whale.

Your tax money in action folks. 

When you drag your sorry ass out the door of a cold morn, struggle into work as it pisses down yet again.

Then have a shit day only to see come pay day ever more of your wages vanish in council taxes, NI and billions of Gordon's stealth taxes.

Ever wondered where it all go's after you earn it? Well this is where its going.
Sadly she will not be hunted down by the whaleship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab(played brilliantly by the late Gregory Peck inset)

Yep, your hard earned cash folks, go's towards funding this uber-whales lifestyle of pies, lard an chips.

And she boasts of giving them their first MacDonalds at 6 months. So nice to see the feckless listening to all the telly ads on healthy eating. The very people they aim these ads at stick two lard laden fingers up and tuck into another McShyte burger.

It took a 68-strong team and a bill for the NHS of £200,000, including a specially-built operating table for her Caesarean section. Fucking hell it must have been like a whaling vessel working through all that blubber.

Of course daddy pissed off in typical modern day fashion shortly after getting Moby/her pregnant. So yet another disfunctional family with no male role model on benefits. Another fine example of Blair/Brown's "Cool Britannia" in action.

Mind looking at that I can understand why daddy fucked off sharpish. You know should it come out he is the sire of her brood, his mates will rip the piss out of him.

She claims to be "too busy" to do cooking or cleaning, but is demanding a council house. That will also be funded by you fine taxpayers. 

Her idea of home cooked is a microwaved pie or lasagne. She claims to feed the babies vegetables every Sunday. She only bothers to get dressed once a week to go and claim her benefits.

She claims her weight problem is due to her glands, nothing to do with the mountains of krill food she shoves down her neck every day.

What really pisses me off about this is you can bet that ordinary working folk who find themselves thrown out of work through no fault of their own, will be tarred with the same brush as this fucking monster whale/chavscum.

7 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

part of the client state. no doubt if she can haul herself off her fat arse,she'll vote for zanulab

Fidothedog said...

What I am wondering is this. She says she only gets dressed to sign on, so she can not by her own admission be looking for work.

Therefore she should not be getting JSA(Job Seekers Allowance)

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Too much Salt is bad for us all.

Sue said...

Waynetta and her brahn babies!

Fidothedog said...

Nice one Sue. :-)

Agree with ya Conan, that is some salt that needs to be got rid of.

Dillinger737 said...

If you would like to help me spread the word, I need backers for a television show called something along the lines of "Welfare Island" which could be renamed for airing in the UK. The point will be that the freeloader and family will be shipped to a "luxurious island getaway" for a week to relax and compete in light hearted games for a cash prize of oh, several million dollars/pounds. When they get there they will find that it in in fact Ethiopia and a one way ticket. Everybody wins and tape the chaos for a while with each new group just for funsies and air the show to pay for the plane rides.

Screech said...

Dillinger...she would probably eat anybody you put on the island, there again not a bad thing i suppose. I reckon daddy was thinking "she is just like a moped, great fun to ride until one of your mates sees you on it"