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Gordon & New Labour as good for the environment as the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Upon looking at the Sky News site, I see that they are reporting that the "One eyed Scottish idiot" is planning a green budget. At first I thought they meant his nose picking but no it appears he is trying to champion himself as the party of saving the trees and polar bears.

Yet SKY missed one that I spotted some time back, a large battery shaped problem in the form of this
"Batteries and Accumulators and Waste Batteries and Accumulators Directive (2006/66/EC)" 
This strange titled bit of EU rule making means we have to recycle batteries, we signed up for it back in 2006 as well as previous versions of this bill prior to that. 

First up links to the Defra/Berr pages: DEFRA and also the BERR site.

Back in June 08' I reported here that:
The European Union has agreed the text of a law that will make recycling of batteries obligatory from 2008.

The directive will ban most batteries with more than a trace of the toxic chemicals cadmium or mercury.

It says a quarter of all used batteries must be collected by 2012 - rising to 45% by 2016 - and that at least half of them must be recycled.

It also says all batteries must be clearly labelled to show how long they will last, from 2009 onwards.
We recycle a total of 0.5% (accurate at that time) -of all batteries, almost the lowest in the EU.
According to the EU directive,  "These efficiencies targets are to be achieved no later than September 26, 2010.
And, although there are a handful of plants capable of processing the steel cases of batteries, none can deal with the hazardous chemicals they contain.
If ministers miss the 2012 deadline, they face daily fines – and a repetition of the 2002 fridge fiasco when they failed to set up fridge recycling facilities in time.

A spokesman for watchdog Waste Watch said: 'The government is leaving it very late. It needs to act now.'

The British Battery Manufacturers Association said it was 'unreasonable' to expect it to pay for collection bins.

But environment ministry Defra said: 'The Department fully intends to meet the collection targets. We have to get the new system right.'
Now the BBMA have a website and quite a good pdf on this http://www.bbma.co.uk/support/pdfs/bbma-directive-implementation-cons-resp.pdf

Yep but worry not it is in the capable hands of Defra. Former home of David Miliband, which also gave us the foot & mouth fiasco and inaction over tb reactor Shambo. Come on, what could go wrong?....

So yet again these fair shores will be paid a visit from the fuckup fairy as we fail to recycle, having failed to get the facilities built for the very legislation that New Labour signed us up for. As for the batteries, they will be exported to recycling plants abroad.

Yet more jobs for British workers, Polish, French, Belgian, German workers....

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Garages have been charging for recycling batteries for years. What's that all about ?
Yesterday I replaced the main light in my mums living room. Having been unable to find any proper lightbulbs in Tesco or B & Q above 40W ( not illegal, just not available ) I replaced it with a 20W "energy saving" penis type thing that promises to have the output of a conventional 100W bulb.
These new ones contain MERCURY which is so evil that our small but immaculate Barometer industry has been forced to close. No advice is given on the packaging about the safe disposal of millions of MERCURY contaminated 'eco-bulbs' in the future.

Fidothedog said...

Its a labour fuckup in waiting, when this hits the bigtime - ie when the UK gets fined - it will come to light that labour have not built the recycling facilities that they signed us up for and agreed to.