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Say hello to Mr Pinty, as he goes to parliament.

Cross posted from Brew Wales...

The Axe the Beer Tax campaign hit Westminster today with Mr Pintyand friends marching on Whitehall. All very well during Cask Ale Week, but Members of Parliament are on holiday because of Easter Recess! More chance of finding a MPs partner not watching porn paid for by the taxpayer than finding a MP in the House during recess, unless of course they have decided to use their offices for a 'quick one'. Perhaps it's not a good idea to go into Parliament at the moment, who knows what the MPs are getting up behind closed doors.

Have heard that the rent boys around Westminster have all changed their name to 'John Lewis' to enable Lib Dem MPs toclaim them on expenses!

2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

What does John Lewis do for less than fifty quid ? No need for a receipt I am told.

I have no sympathy for Mr. Pinty and his sappy mates ever since they curled over about the smoking ban.

Fidothedog said...

True, I have problems with Camra over being rather close to another enemy of the pub chain - JD Wetherspoon - but the biggest enemies are of course New "Tax it" Labour