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Ian Tomlinson - Nothing to hide, nothing to fear: New Labour policing.

The Grauniad has a video of a riot policeman assaulting Ian Tomlinson, who later died during the G20 protests.
Ian Tomlinson attacked from behind by riot police.
No wonder the Government wants to prevent people photographing the police. This is the state that the utter fucking contemptable New Labour scum have brought us to after just 12 years.

No more rule of law, no more respect for fellow citizens, a snooper state, a greed driven champagne socialist elite who will do anything to cling to power.

Expect a whitewash of this, no doubt the spin machine will be making Mr Tomlinson out to be some terrorist as we speak; Labour under Gordon Brown show we have become the Zimbabwe of Europe.

New Labour to quote out of context the late weapons expert Dr David Kelly consists of  "many dark actors playing games.". 

I for one want that dim witted expense fiddling kebab muncher of a Home Sec. Jacqui Smith in the fucking House of Commons, first fucking thing tomorrow morning answering questions on this.


7 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

Put aside any mention of New Labour for a moment, and this video is utterly shocking.

No doubt Jacqui Kebab and her assorted minions of filth, will be as we speak, inventing evidence that this poor man was anything but an innocent third party, but instead a nasty right wing rabble rouser intent on harming the very foundations of New Labours politically correct utopia.

I do believe New Labour are inviting the plebs to riot this Summer.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Well done the American Fund Manager who came forward with that footage in response to Mr. Tomlinsons family request for information.
As I inderstand it Mr. Tomlinson was a newspaper vendor, walking home from his patch wearing a blue sweatshirt that marked him as such. Perhaps the Police in question were not actually Met locals but British Transport Police whose writ is nationwide and thus ideal for use as Stasi style Militia, as in this instance.

The Police should learn from this; despite their new powers banning photographers there are just too many of us, we all have both still and film cameras in our phones and you can't arrest us all.

Fidothedog said...

I for one will be looking forward to what Jacqui has to say on this, not that anyone will be letting up on her over the grumble films.

Houdini said...

I've commented on how much I hate the police, now, too many times to be either shocked or amazed at this.

Big hard copper. Would be different if the bloke had a turban on or was asian or black wouldn't it?

KG said...

"Would be different if the bloke had a turban on or was asian or black wouldn't it?"
You bet it would--the big hard coppers run from those.

Anonymous said...

Compare and contrast the way the police reacted to the pro pali savages with this barbaric attack.

Anonymous said...

"Would be different if the bloke had a turban on or was asian or black wouldn't it?"


Double standards indeed.