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Jacqui Smith - Is it cos I is a woman.

The bovine faced, slack jawed, kebab munching, expense fiddling Home Sec. is trying the poor little woman routine over the expenses row.
Jacqui Smith astonishingly claimed yesterday that she was the victim of a smear campaign over her expenses because she is a woman with no independent wealth.

The embattled Home Secretary defended her claims for household items, including an 88p bath plug, as 'fair and reasonable' in a series of interviews to try to put the expenses controversy behind her.

By designating her sister's house as her main home, Miss Smith has been free to claim more than £140,000 from the taxpayer-funded Additional Costs Allowance to run her family home.

Really its all down to her being a weak an feeble female then? And not that taxpayers many of whom have lost their jobs, seen their lives ruined as a result are angry as fucking hell over Jacqui's grasping paws in the cookie jar.

Whilst they sign on for JSA, worry about paying the mortgage/rent and struggle to keep afloat, she even claws back 88 fucking pence for a bathplug. Plus the £10 on a couple of grumble porn flicks for hubby.

So no resigning for her, no apology over her behaviour, no offer to hand back stolen - and that is how I see it - monies; instead its woe is me. Boo fucking hoo, play the weak female card.

I said before here that:
Jacqui Smith could do the British public a good service by keeping her large kebeb eating mouth shut about subjects which quite frankly she knows fuck all. Should she decide to open her bovine mouth, the best use it could be put, is for the insertion of her husbands cock as she might also save the taxpayers some £10 on grumble porn flicks.
I stand by that 100%, its a tough job for Mr Jacqui Smith but at least it might cut down on the verbal shit spouted by Jacqui Smith.

She is on Holiday until 20th April like the rest of the MP's and we are paying for that as well...

Comments on Devils Kitchen bit on this made me laugh:
No love, we're not picking on you because you have a twat but because you are a twat.
and the classic
 it's because you are a toothy, stinking, corrupt cunt—not because you have a toothy, stinking, corrupt cunt.
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7 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

She is on Holiday until 20th April like the rest of the MP's and we are paying for that as well...

Most of the Cabinet are in Bertchesgarten, no doubt.

Fidothedog said...

Apparently what with their low standing in the polls, they have abandoned the holiday retreat and slunk off to the bunker in No.10

it's either banned or compulsory said...

No Jacqui, it is not because you are a Woman, it is because you are a stupid cunt-monkey grasping thief who, when giving the governments response to two children attampting to murder two other children and horrifically mutilating them in the process can only come up with

" this also will not be tolerated"

The pratty righteous replacement for " inappropriate" You will not be tolerated Jacqui so fuck off.

Fidothedog said...

Currently working on a Jacqui Smith piss take clip for Youtube, should be posted later Thursday.

Late One said...

Fuck Amanda Platell.

Fidothedog said...

Will pass on the kind offer of rogering Platell if its all the same.

Richard Timney said...

I need to fap to porn as my cunt wife is so hideous. Plus we are saving every penny for reconstructive surgery. Plus the yacht, and the villa in the sun so we can escape the hell hole we've created.