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Justice under New Labour scum: If you want compensation don't fight back.

Its now official, should you be attacked and killed the worst thing you can do is to fight back. If you do and you die then you will be denied compensation.

The family of a man who was stabbed to death by teenage thugs after he asked them to keep the noise down have been denied compensation - because he tried to fight off his killers.

Kevin Johnson, 22, was brutally murdered by the gang who invited him to 'meet Mr Stanley' during a confrontation outside his home moments before plunging a blade into his chest, arm and back.

The young father collapsed a few feet from his front door whilst the trio - aged 19, 16 and 17 - ran off in 'triumphant mood' before stabbing their second victim a short distance away.

But after applying for a maximum ?11,000 in compensation Mr Johnson's family have been told that they do not meet the criteria as he tried to fight off the gang who took his life.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has twice rejected John Johnson’s case. They ruled that the demolition worker had 'significantly' contributed to his own death.

Mr Johnson, 57, will now make a last-ditch plea before an independent tribunal this month - almost two years after his son was murdered on his doorstep on the Pennywell estate in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

'I'm livid. They’ve got no empathy or any regard for us,' he said yesterday. 'The ?11,000 is all they value a person's life at. And then you have to fight for it. It’s absolutely disgusting.

'Obviously they just want to keep the costs down for the Government. The criminals get all sorts of help and that’s called human rights. Yet we don’t seem to have any human rights.'

Compare that to the MP's who get over £100,000 plus in expenses each, who see it as their God given right to hide their sleaze from freedom of information requests, stick their inbred time serving relatives on the fucking payroll and talk down to us whilst doing so.

Roll on the day when one of these time serving, expense fiddling fuckers is killed then we will see a reform of the system. 

6 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

If you get attacked by an ethnic, the ethnic only has to say race was a factor in him attacking you, he will get off scot free and you will be in the dock...

No joke!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a great fan of capital punishment, but the evil MP's that got us into this mess (and their media supporters) really do need topping.

Fidothedog said...

Urban, I am and this lot I would be happy to do the job myself.

Anonymous said...


As the evidence against the MP's are damning, they should face the rope rather than the expense of a trial

Fidothedog said...

Anon, as much as that would be good I think a trial would be better so their faults and crimes against the people are a matter of record.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"'significantly' contributed to his own death"
I missed this one, fucking unbelievable.