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Damian McBride & New Labour smear tactics.

Typical New Labour scum behaviour, they start smear tactics as nation heads to fiscal meltdown as SKY News report
The private messages written by special adviser Damian McBride are said to feature ideas for potential smear stories about senior Conservatives.

They were apparently sent to Derek Draper, who runs a Labour-supporting political blog.

But they have now come into the possession of Paul Staines, whose Guido Fawkes blog is hostile towards the Government and the Labour Party in general.

A Downing Street spokesman said: "Neither the Prime Minister nor anybody else in Downing Street, except the author, knew anything about any of these private

"The author of these emails has apologised for their juvenile and inappropriate nature and for the embarrassment caused.

"All staff will be reminded of the appropriate use of Number 10 resources."

Mr McBride has been in charge of strategic planning at Downing Street since last October, when he was moved from his position as Mr Brown's political spokesman.

His emails have apparently been touted around newspapers, although none have yet published them.
Our one eyed unelected PM can claim he knew nothing, although I am sure that the scum working under him knew all about it.

More at: Order-order.com, do pop over for a read as it rips the ruling Labour scum a new orifice.

It won't do Labour any good resorting to this, but like threatened lefties everywhere it is all they know how to do.

Labour has become increasingly concerned about a perceived Right-wing bias among bloggers, where few Left-wingers have attracted sizeable audiences.

That is because the right wing tend to say it as it is, rather than quote No.10 fantasy tractor stats and ministry pr handouts. 

I myself have mocked my own piss poor Labour MP Paul Flynn many times over his tactics of censoring comments he dislikes, deriding comments he lets through and quoting stats rather than giving a direct answer to questions.

I have pointed out how his internet rankings have nosedived, how he fails to grasp the internet
and how labour sites fail to interact.

See also this one.

I have saved the best for last on 8th March I left a comment for one Jack Straw Labour MP at his blog and posted about it here. Upon checking back Jack has recieved several replies all taking issue and as of today not replied himself to any of them, one month later!

This story is breaking and will rumble on for a good while methinks. Gordon Brown totaly annoyed at the failure of spin by his party and having learned nothing since the classic "A good day to bury bad news" quip on 9/11, has instead ordered a Nixonian smear campaign of the most popular anti-government sites.

Brown is so fucking inept that he will get out of bed today to find No.10 filled with shovels so he can help dig that hole a little deeper. 

Expect more lies and spin from the bunker later...

Labour a bunch of inept sleazy jobs for the boys cunts, voted for by the thick, the lazy and the feckless indolent I wants me benefits brigade who give a bad name to real jobseekers; in a word cunts. 

Update more from the Dailymail and a hat tip to GOT for the pic at the top.
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it's either banned or compulsory said...

McBride out, Draper awaits his fate on return from ruined holiday.
BBC Radio 4 News had the story on all day Saturday, promoting Guido and asking all and sundry how The Prime Wanker could not have known about it.

Seems from Old Holborn that Tom Watson is also in the firing line.

Tom Watson CCd on e-mails

Couldn't happen to a nicer cunt.

Fidothedog said...

Yep payback is a bitch.