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Kate Garraway’s breasts, ring and unshaven cunt.

From Obo
 Anticipation was high amongst MILF admirers when it was revealed a photograph existed on the internet showing Kate Garraway’s breasts, ring and unshaven twat.

Snigger, snigger. (An yes I was sat in the pub when I read that and having long hair was mistaken for Dolly by someone, thankfully I am not shaften his MILF - no sloppy seconds for me!)
Still childish amusement an all that.

Derek strikes me as a chap who is suffering from coulrophobia(fear of clowns)who said on OBo's postthat  "You've gone too far, you fucking clown! I'm gonna have you!"

Oh a threat is it Dolly? I am sure faced with a real man he would piss his pants faster than Gordon picks his nose..Mind as he took his exam in studying rats or their habits outside the main university, he should know that and be able to cover up his fears.

Still having covered Obo's mockery of the saggy milf with the pop up sheep herding bra(round em up an point them in the right direction). I feel that I should do something petty an offensive of my own and so....(here is one I did previously)

Meanwhile saggy titted milf shafter dolley the sheep bleated:
Imagine if all your emails suddenly became available to people wanting to damage you. That is, of course, the other question that needs to be asked: how were these emails obtained? Was criminal activity and hacking involved? Believe me, these are issues I will be looking at when I return from my holiday. "Blog wars" are one thing but hacking into people's emails is surely a step too far?

It seems Tom Watson (a minister) was copied in on all the Emails between McBride and Draper, blowing Drapers squeals of "immature jokes just between mates" out of the water.

Oh and that The Red Rag, the one that was denied, brushed under the carpet....For more details see Guido FawkesIain Dale and Dizzy Thinks today and tomorrow.

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5 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

They are all so fucked!

Makes a change from us mate doesn't it!

Fidothedog said...

I shall be mocking this for months, along with Jackboot's porn an the 88p bathplug.

Cato said...

Ooooooh, I didn't know Watson had been dropped in it... To quote a well-known phrase...'Fucking Delicious'.

Oldrightie said...

Watson is as big a banker as Mr Smith!

Anonymous said...

Is he having some trouble composing himself today?