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Labour filth bloggers sign pledge not to smear...blah blah blah.

Senior aide Damian McBride resigned after sending inappropriate messages about to Derek Draper, who runs the Labour-supporting LabourList.

Now other Labour-supporting bloggers say they want to draw a line under the row by publicly pledging to behave in an ethical manner - although their efforts have already brought accusations of hypocrisy from opponents.

In a blog post, they pledge not to slur the integrity of their opponents without evidence and to promote tolerance and respect.

It has been signed by 21 members, including the higher minister David Lammy, Will Straw, the son of the Justice Minister Jack Straw, and Jessica Asato, the deputy director of Progress.

Also included is Tom Miller, who has been accused of working with Mr Draper to find damaging information about rival blogger Paul Staines, who writes as Guido Fawkes.

Mr Staines told Sky News Online: It is a bit late for him to be saying he decries the politics of personal destruction. Fine words contradicted by foul actions...

**Well a pig out of shit is still a shit covered pig.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

A plague on their ethical, let's have as much fun as possible while various Labour types fight like rats in a sack for 'influence' in their crumbling administration.
I predict Jack Straw as Gordons Grand Admiral Dönitz.