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Peter Black AM has a problem with free speech.

Miserable Old Fart has a good post on Peter Black AM(Arsembly Member). Peter who works for glorified Welsh talking shop, the Welsh Arsembly can quite happily dish it out whilst being paid out of our taxes but really has a problem with different views in internet land.

Over to Miserable...
Hearty Congratulations to Peter Black AM on being elevated to the lofty position of Official Censor of the Welsh Political Blogosphere. In his new role Peter has the final say on who may or may not Blog on politics in Wales. He has decreed that two bloggers should be banned forthwith.

Guerrilla Welsh-Fare and Welsh Ramblings are no longer welcome because:

A) They say nasty things about the Liberal Democrats. 
B) They support Plaid Cymru 
C) They blog anonymously and 
D)There are rumors that the authors may work in Cardiff Bay.

How dare they blog! It shouldn't be allowed! Both should close down their blogs and p*** off!
How typical of windbag Peter Black, he has more in common with the Labour folk than he dares admit...

Peter Black AM a Labour party repressive dressed up as a Lib Dem.

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