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Manchester has 1,353 loons.

Manchester by-election in the Moston ward.

The result was as follows:
  1. Rita Anne Tavernor (Labour Party Candidate) 1,353; 38.7 % -10.8 %
  2. Derek George Adams (British National Party) 815; 23.3 % +23.3 %
  3. Timothy John Hartley (Liberal Democrat) 696; 19.9 % + 7.2 %
  4. Phil Donohue (Conservative Party Candidate) 558; 16.0 % -13.9 %
  5. Karl Wardlaw (Green Party) 74; 2.1 % - 5.7 %
Still the vote for the Labour filth is down 10.8% so there is hope for some of the gene pool up that way.

8 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

BNP vote is more amazing, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Koranimals and career welfare scroungers,more like.
Not a bad showing for the Patriots,all from a standing start.

Fidothedog said...

12 years of lies, spin, debt, fuckwittery, burying bad news & Dr David Kelly and yet still Labour get 1353 sheeple to come out of the council pens and mark their x down for the local commie.

The Penguin said...

Conservatives down 13 percent. I think this suggests several BNP MEP's come June, which will stir things up nicely.

The Penguin

Houdini said...

All dole scum fuckers who have sucked on Labour and union cock their whole lives, what did you expect?

Odin's Raven said...

1,353 loons in a single ward. No wonder the NHS is failing.

The Scumbag said...

What's interesing is that you poor deprived southern types are now so overwhelmed with imigrants, extremeist types, labour MP's on the take and house price crash misery that you feel compelled to fall into the arms of nick griffen and co.

I am preparing a relief hamper of pickled eggs and pies at the present time. It will arrive by carrier pigeon sometime tomorrow.

Hang on in there...... Help is coming....

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Seems BNP is gaining from Labour and Tories alike.
Does voting Lib Dem count as a 'protest' ?