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Tom Watson, champagne swilling New Labour scumfuck.

Champagne swilling socialist cunny, Tom Watson. Why have I decided to pick on this cunt, well because he is a labour MP and a Brown loyalist.
He is one of 30 MP's who employ their inbred no good retarded, fit for fuck all relatives on the state gravy train.

Guido had somethings to say on his fiscal rape of the taxpayers.
Last year Watson pocketed his £60,000 salary and his parliamentary expenses amounted to £150,000-plus – bringing his total package to £211,000 - making him the 73rd highest claiming MP out of 646 MPs. Quite an achievement for an MP not claiming for travel to and from Scotland. He of course employs his wife Siobhan at the public's expense, his brother, Dan, is constituency director to Euro MP Michael Cashman, Dan Watson's wife, Joanna, has no fewer than three jobs. Like her husband, she also works for Mr Cashman and for Wolverhampton Labour MP Pat McFadden, yet still finds time to be a Labour councillor in Sandwell. Amy Watson, cousin of Tom and Dan, works for Birmingham Northfield Labour MP Richard Burden. The West Midlands constituency Labour Party offices are packed with Watsons...

The total annual cost to the taxpayer of the Watson family's five not-so-little piggies is in excess of £300,000. Far more than the disgraced Derek Conway fiddled...
He also voted to keep the cushy 2nd home allowance. After all some pigs are more equal than others dont ya know.

He voted for 42 days.

Worse than that he also voted to keep our prying eyes out of his sleazy activities by doing his best to repeal MP's activities from FOA requests.

And as if all that did not prove he was deserving of a piano wire noose he voted for ID cards.

Oh and I dug a photo of him out on a Segway, which is a device that makes anyone look like a wanker.

7 people have spoken:

The Penguin said...

Definitely a right cunt, piano wire for the entire Watson clan.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

All these champagne socialists seems to be fat chinless wonders. They must prone to gluttony which is a bad thing and worse still when it is at our expense.

Houdini said...

I hate this fucker for so many reasons, not least the ones you mention.

Cunts like Dale and many others have taken to fawning over this fucker and I don't see why he even got a place in Parliament, never mind the human fucking race.

Fat useless swindling cunt.

Old Holborn said...


Odin's Raven said...

It's being scum that makes him Labour, like the rest of the filth.

Fidothedog said...

Aye, a cunts cunt. Who looks a cunt balanced on that machine.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Wire that segway bucket o'shit to the National Grid and make the Watson Fat Fucker Tribe take it in turns to help compensate us for their kleptomania, 30 or 40 years might be a start.