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Mark Thompson & Mark Byford - taking the fucking piss with my tax money.

The BBC is splashing £100,000 a year on chauffeur driven cars to ferry its top two executives a few miles to work.
Despite the Corporation sacking 7,200 staff and slashing programme budgets to plug a £2billion funding shortfall, director general Mark Thompson and his deputy Mark Byford are ferried to work in luxury.

Thompson, who earns £816,000 a year, takes the train to London from his home in an exclusive area of Oxford, before being collected from the station by his driver.

Byford, whose salary is more than £510,000, travels from his home in Winchester into Waterloo, where he is also met by a driver.

Both executives are then ferried just a few miles to Television Centre, prompting critics to question why they could not take public transport, or even a black cab.

A taxi would cost £40, return bus journey would cost £2, and a tube ticket would cost less than £5 each day.

But cue the excuse from the UK's very own Pravda:
" A spokesman said: ‘Mark Thompson and Mark Byford do not have cars drive them to work from their homes, which are outside London. They take the train and are collected from the station.

‘They are working on the train and continue to work in the car. As the most senior figures in a global media organisation, the confidential or sensitive nature of some of their phonecalls or communication mean it would not be possible for them to take public transport or taxis.’

The two cars and drivers are also available for other executives when Thompson or Byford are not using them.
So this pair of overpaid cuntmonkeys believe that the smelly unwashed plebs can not listen in on their oh so fucking vital whitterings on Twitter or yappings on the mobile. 

Let me explain it to them and others at the BBC in very simple terms, your output of programs is quite frankly shit:
Not just normal shit but that runny arsewater that stings the ring after a particularly bad curry. That aside I have to pay my damn license fee for the privage of not-fucking-watching said arsewater as I face jail should I not pay up.
Quite frankly it is not a telly tax, but extortion plain and simple on the part of the state. 

As for this pair and no doubt other preening champagne socialists at the BBC, well listen up. Just because they suck Gordon Brown's cock with the news output and spin every item so well it could have come from the poison pen of Damien McBride/Derek Draper does not make them part of HM Government. 

Ministers may feel they have to distance themselves from the proles in latter day Zil's but they are not part of that machine. They can and will be removed by the ballot, postal fraud and vote rigging aside and one day this pair of taxpayer money wasting shitheels will be brought to book.

They are prostitutes to those in power and just like a fancy prostitute putting airs and graces whilst entertaining Arab princes, should remember that at the end of the day are nothing more than a skank who whores for money on the street corner.

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

yes, another pair of hoon's in the making..and why would anybody want to listen to the cuntwaffle they are yapping about? no-one cares! they are wankers with gordoom's jizz on they're hands.

Fidothedog said...

Yeah, agree on that one. I think this pair of cock munchers I will be coming back to again.