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MP's are complete and utter bastards: More holidays.

More holidays for MP's...MPs have awarded themselves a three-month summer holiday, increasing it by one week compared to last year.
Politicians, who only returned to work today after a two-week break over Easter, will leave Westminster once again on July 22.

They will enjoy a 12-week holiday in what is bound to raise further concerns about their reputation, according to the Evening Standard.

Their summer holiday alone is more than double the average British allowance of five weeks per year.
Bastards, utter fucking hoons the lot of them. Not content with a goodly wage thanks to the UK taxpayers, they blag 2nd and sometimes 3rd homes.

Add to that their stonking great index linked pension, allowances that cover everything they need in their 2nd/3rd homes from cable right down to the pay per view grumble porn films. £400 a month food allowance, free fucking travel(I shall clarify that - free for them as we pay for them to hog it 1st fucking class). 

Hell even throw in a few relations on the taxpayer payroll, give the inbred relative a non job as an assistant after all might as well milk it. In for a penny in for a few hundred grand. 

All on top of the 64K basic take home. Not that any MP gets by on that pittance, heaven forbid they should miss out of some graft, dodgy deals, bungs, backhanders and sleazy goings on and all before we get to the expenses.

Oh but it gets better, by better I mean of course worse. When they get to The Commons, they get subsidized food and beer. Not that they pay for much of it, don't forget they get lots of folk offering them bungs and seeking favours asking their valued opinion on matters political; whilst standing them food and drinks

Plus when you factor in the amount of work outsourced to the EU, whole rafts of our lawmaking is now dealt with elsewhere. Yet listen to an MP and its violin time as the cuntmonkeys bleat on about how they are half starved waifs working their fingers to the bone. Any other sector would see workers laid off and wages cut, yet not in The Commons.

Now they get more taxpayer paid holidays to spend with the rent boys, all of whom are called "John Lewis" so they go on expenses forms a bit easier.

Still the poor lambs do work a stonking 150 days "work" a year, its a hard life being an MP. 

Lastly I shall compare and contrast a married worker in the UK who thanks to Gordon has been thrown on the dole gets a piss poor £189 a fortnight Job Seekers Allowance. 

Now where did I leave that piano wire garrot?...

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

now dont be harsh! you know jackboots wants the extra time off to watch grubby films with mr jackboots...

Tory Poppins said...

This bunch of cunts never cease to amaze me! ;-)