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McBroon making up numbers.

Gordon Mcsnotmuncher Brown bleats on about it will cost 1.4bn - a figure that looks made up and I for one would like to see the figures proving that - as the cost of allowing all 36,000 Gurkha's the right to live here. 
How strange that a mere 1.4bn quid is a worry when he has already pissed away some £175bn on the fiscal stimulus.

That he of all people starting worrying about a few pence in government spending terms after the vast mind blowing amounts pissed up the wall shows that he has no moral stance what so ever.

If he is concerned about cutting costs then maybe he should take a look at the terrorist illegal migrant who his own Foreign Sec. had flown back to the UK on a private jet, the Afghani plane hijackers allowed to stay, who knows how many illegals from camps in France and so many others. 

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

For the bully and control freak, money is only a problem when not being spent on or by themselves. A lot of hubbys are like that.

MK said...

Exactly right Fido, and gordon ought to remember that if it weren't for men like the Gurkhas who defended the nation that pays his worthless ass, he wouldn't have that billion pounds to whine over.

ConstantlyFurious said...

Quite right. Lets see the tractor stats behind those figures, Broon.

Or did he just make 'em up on the spot? You wouldn't be amazed, would you.