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Sion Simon MP Labour scum & uber hoon

Sion Simon shows he is an arsehole yet again...Mr Simon, the 40-year-old representative for Birmingham Erdington, repeated a swine flu joke that has been passed around the micro-blogging site for the past few days.

On Monday at 12.55pm he posted: "I'm not saying Susan Boyle causes swine flu. I'm just saying nobody had swine flu, she sang on tv, people got swine flu."

After apparently receiving several messages of criticism, Mr Simon deleted the post. However, it can be recovered at tweleted, a site for deleted tweets, if his username "sionsimon" is entered.
He then apologised, writing: "Earlier I repeated a joke that was in poor taste, which I now regret. I apologise wholeheartedly for any distress or embarrassment caused."

Mr Simon has been criticised for his online activity before. In 2006 he prompted anger among Conservatives by recording a spoof "webcameron" video diary and posting it on YouTube.
Thats the way to win votes fire off comments about the latest tv celeb. 

An annoyingly smug git of an MP who can bleat on about other folk honesty whilst voting to protect MP's from freedom of information requests. Bang on about the evils of other parties whilst voting for 42 day detention and in fact all muther-fucking superior whilst sucking Gordons jock tool in order to stay in power the cunt.

I wonder what gems will be exposed when his expenses come under public scrutiny? 

I have since found out that this vile cur voted with cyclops to try and fuck over the Gurkha's yesterday.

3 people have spoken:

Tory Poppins said...

This is a fucking OUTRAGE! Stuff like this makes my blood boil!

Anonymous said...

How can somebody like him get to be in a position of responsibility that being a member of Parliament is?

Fidothedog said...

Anyone can be an MP. Well he is a Labour MP, there are many good MP's just in other parties.