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MPs' receipts is a time bomb that could lead to suicides.

We can but hope:
The publication of all MPs' receipts is a time bomb waiting to explode in July. Government whips speak of the danger of byelections, and even suicides, when they are made public.
Go on please. Save the taxpayer a few bob.

Although knowing these thieving scum they would stick in an expenses claim for the razor blades or the gas used to top themselves.


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest about it. This government has created a society that has abandoned self responsibility in the pursuit of greed.

They are only doing on a bigger scale what millions of Britons, whether on an individual or corporate level, are doing. Whereas these MPs are dipping their grubby hands in the public purse, the public is getting themselves up to their eyeballs in debt and not giving a seconds thought whether they can afford it or not.

They are not going to do themselves in.

Hopefully with this lot kicked out at the next election, we can have a government that encourages self-responsibility.

Fidothedog said...

True, but not holding my breath on any government changing things.