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Steve Richards second rate hack shows his lack of intellect(In the Indy of course)

From HM Govt mouthpiece paper, staffed with lazy hacks who respin HM Govt statements.
Open contempt for politicians is neither daring nor clever he bleats.

Then attempts to defend the self serving New Labour parasites in the House of Commons. 

Some examples of veral arsewater.
As I wrote on Tuesday the saga is seriously damaging to Gordon Brown. It raises questions about his judgement, the way he runs Downing Street and it severely limits his capacity to attack the Conservatives legitimately in the future. The consequences are still to have been fully played out and yesterday's Prime Ministerial apology was a sign of desperate weakness rather than a display of humble strength. The words will not bring closure.
Had Gordon kept better control, had their been a moral lead then this would all have been avoided you see. Gordon has through either looking the other way or being left out of the loop caused his own contempt. As for the Tories, well should they fuck up they will be attacked on the internet the same way Gordon & co have been.

He carrys on:
Neil Kinnock was portrayed as evil, dangerous and mad.
Kinnock who stuck the finger up at everything and everyone who ever supported him and landed a self serving job at my fucking expense in the EU. Fuck that cunt I hope he fucking dies screaming in fucking agony for the lack of support he gave outsourced workers 5 years ago, the cunt. Not one letter or mail did that worthless sack of Welsh shit ever reply to.

Maybe he should take Gordons man meat out his mouth for more that 30 seconds and look at the fucking disaster that cunt and the gurning hoon before him made of this land. 

He misses the obvious wave of anger at politicians and state employees pissing about with smear campaigns in work time, using tax payer cash to do so. 

Steve Richards is a fucking wanker. 

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Great picture, hapilly I don't read the Indy, just as well probably.

Fidothedog said...

Not on my reading list but tend to stumble across its links.